Expat Health Insurance in Turkey


International Health Insurance for Expats in Turkey


Whether you’re relocating to Turkey permanently or just looking for a new international health insurance provider, it is essential that you know what to expect in terms of medical assistance and health care.


Having a population of more than 75 million, Turkey is the second-most populous country in the European region. Life expectancy in Turkey stands at an average of 73 years (71 years for males and 76 years for females). The health care system in Turkey underwent major changes in 2003, and it currently offers medical cover to approximately 85 percent of the population. Buying comprehensive international health insurance cover will ensure you get access to the best quality healthcare available in Turkey.


Healthcare facilities


The first thing that expats in Turkey need to be aware of is that there are significant differences in the standards of health care in rural and urban areas. The major cities (Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir) have several hospitals with modern facilities and top-quality equipment. However, rural areas can seriously under-served in terms of healthcare expertise and provision.


Although the majority of the population has access to public universal healthcare, the quality of the services offered and the long waiting lists force many people to seek private medical attention elsewhere. Private healthcare insurance is unaffordable for many Turkish citizens, especially for those who live outside the major urban centers, so it is estimated that approximately 75 percent of private medical expenses are paid for by individuals, rather than by insurers.


It is highly recommended that families with children, in particular, purchase an international insurance plan before moving to Turkey, as childhood diseases are still widespread throughout the country. Your local embassy in Turkey should be able to provide you with a list of recommended hospitals on request.


Before you go


There are no required vaccinations for those considering traveling to Turkey. However, the following vaccinations are recommended: hepatitis (A and B), typhoid fever, and tetanus-diphtheria.


Next steps


Get a quote for one of our WorldCare plans for your cover in Turkey and you can access treatment from anywhere in the world. You can buy online, get covered instantly and manage your plan through your own personal secure online area, so it’s quick and convenient.



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