Expat Health Insurance in Poland


International Health Insurance for Expats in Poland


Whether you’re relocating to Poland permanently or just looking for a new international health insurance provider, either way, it’s imperative you know what’s available both in terms of insurance providers, and the country’s healthcare system.


Poland has an estimated population of 38,074,000 and male life expectancies at 71 and female life expectancies at 80. The country's healthcare system centers around an all-inclusive insurance scheme with the state providing subsidized healthcare to all Polish citizens who are covered by the general health insurance. There are a range of private hospitals nationwide where you can seek medical attention if you do not wish to be treated in a state-run facility. Cover you and your family with international health insurance is the best way to ensure you receive the care you want if and when you need it.


Healthcare facilities


In Poland, the hospitals and suppliers of medical services answer to the Polish Ministry of Health, which is accountable for the healthcare system’s everyday administration, the standards of patient care and hygiene. It also scrutinizes all the medical practice that occurs in the country, in order to maintain and improve the standards of Poland’s healthcare.


The standards of medical care are more than ample but not quite at the same high level of many of its western neighbors. The centers of medical excellence will be found in Poland’s major cities, and the more specialized hospitals located only in Warsaw. However, most towns do have their own hospital even if it is fairly small. In the rural regions of Poland, there is a significant scarcity of emergency services.


At present Poland’s healthcare system is experiencing some radical transformation and the majority of the country’s hospitals are due to be renovated. Because of this, many medical centers have already seen an improvement in their healthcare facilities and are being fully modernized.


Poland’s dental care is of a high quality practicing the most modern techniques within the strictly regulated healthcare system. The majority of dental clinics offer good quality services for reasonable prices.


Poland has willingly implemented the majority of the specifications for ambulances of European Standard CEN 1789. Ambulances and equipment used to comply with the technical standards outlined. As well as ground ambulances, they also have air ambulance services and both sets of vehicles are fully equipped with the necessary modern facilities.


Before you go


There are no special immunizations or medications necessary for travel to Poland however you should ensure you’re up to date with your tetanus and polio vaccinations.


Next steps


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