Expat Health Insurance in Monaco


International Health Insurance for Expats in Monaco


Whether you’re relocating to Monaco permanently or just looking for a new international health insurance provider, either way, it’s imperative you know what’s available both in terms of insurance providers, and the principality’s healthcare system.


Monaco has an estimated population of just 33,000 with life expectancies at 78 and 85 respectively. You must be fully covered by health insurance before you relocate to Monaco and you will be asked for the relevant medical insurance documents to prove you are covered when you apply for your residence card.


Healthcare facilities


Monaco has an exceptional standard of obligatory state-funded healthcare, which supplies high-quality care throughout the principality. Everyone employed in Monaco is entitled to free healthcare. In conjunction with the publicly run medical services, there are also privately operated healthcare facilities which offer an excellent standard of medical care.


Monaco’s medical care system possesses advanced technical facilities and the finest specialist staff from all over the world. Doctors, GPs and medical professionals in Monaco are well trained and highly educated. Monegasque hospitals and clinics are more than sufficiently equipped to perform medical procedures and capable of meeting a wide range of different treatments.


One of the major centers of medical excellence in Monaco is also the only public hospital in the principality. This is The Princess Grace Hospital, which deals with all range of healthcare and medical treatment. In the private sector, the specialized institutes include the Medical Imaging Centre and the Cardio-Thoracic Centre.


As with Monaco’s healthcare, dental services are of an exceptionally high standard from fully trained and qualified practitioners, however, the price reflects this, also being significantly high.


The emergency services are responsible for responding to accidents and medical emergencies, transferring the sick or injured as well as helping animals in distress.


Before you go


There are no special immunizations or medications necessary for travel to Monaco however you should ensure you’re up to date with your tetanus and diphtheria vaccinations.


Next steps


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