Expat Health Insurance in Lebanon


International Health Insurance for Expats in Lebanon


If you are planning on traveling to Lebanon, relocating there or are just looking to change your international health insurance provider, it is essential to know what options are available to you in terms of health insurance, and the state of the healthcare in the country in general.


Lebanon has a population of over 4 million people and a life expectancy of 71 and 77 for males and females respectively. In general, the Lebanese healthcare system is advanced and on-par with or better than the surrounding region, with facilities of a similar quality to many EU countries. While there are issues with the system, alongside current political and social tensions, the Lebanese people generally enjoy good standards of healthcare. The World Health Organisation ranked Lebanon’s health care system 91st in the 2000 World Health Report.


Healthcare facilities


Lebanon’s health care system is similar to countries like France with a government-funded private healthcare system called the National Social Security Fund (NSSF). For a monthly fee, this system covers the majority of all inpatient care and pharmaceuticals charges. Depending on the procedure and circumstance, the patient or the hospital may have to pay the full amount and then be reimbursed by the NSSF.


Both public and private medical facilities, clinics and pharmacies are available throughout Lebanon, and they are generally well equipped, especially in urban areas, with qualified and professional doctors and English/French speaking staff. Private hospitals are usually very good with the latest facilities and technology, such as the Rafik Hariri Beirut Governmental University Hospital. However, political problems pervade all of Lebanon, and in areas neglected by the Government the quality of public hospitals can be extremely poor, and private medical insurance is popular in Lebanon for reasons such as this. Nursing standards also vary in general.


Getting medical treatment can be costly in Lebanon, so make sure you have adequate funds to cover initial payments. You are advised to take out comprehensive health insurance, and depending on where you stay, evacuation cover is important. Healthcare aside, as an expat in Lebanon there are many potential threats, so make sure you get in the know.


Before you go


You must contact your medical practitioner eight weeks prior to your trip to see if you require any vaccinations and preventatives. Important vaccinations include Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B. Hepatitis B is of intermediate endemicity. Always take the necessary precautions.


Next steps


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