Expat Health Insurance in Cambodia


International Health Insurance for Expats in Cambodia


Whether you’re relocating to Cambodia or just looking for a new international health insurance provider, it’s essential to know what’s available in terms of insurance providers, but also the country’s medical care and facilities.


Cambodia has an estimated population of 14,805,000 and a life expectancy of only 57 for males and 65 for females. Healthcare in the provincial areas of Cambodia, especially where it borders with Laos, is poor and although healthcare is better in the major cities it is still a struggling system trying to deal with constant over demand. Their healthcare infrastructure isn’t up to international standards but it is improving. So when traveling or relocating to Cambodia it is essential that you’re fully covered with either family or personal health insurance.


Healthcare facilities


The provinces of Cambodia have some of the worst levels of healthcare in the country. Ratanakiri specifically experiences endemic outbreaks of tuberculosis, cholera, measles, malaria and intestinal parasites which are vaccine-preventable but without access to medicines and medical attention these diseases greatly contribute to the high rates of child and maternal mortality. The rural areas experience such issues due to a range of factors such as poverty, the physical remoteness, cultural and language barriers, poor infrastructure and access to water. In addition, medical equipment and supplies are minimal, and the majority of health facilities are staffed by midwives or nurses, who are poorly trained and erratically paid. For expatriates who are looking to relocate to Cambodia international health insurance is vital, or even if you’re just visiting for a limited period, in order to avoid incurring the costly one-off fees and ensuring you and your family receive the right level of medical attention full cover is fundamental.


As with most countries, the best medical centers are situated in the major cities, and because of this these hospitals are dealing with high levels of demand.


The Sihanouk Hospital Centre for Hope in Cambodia’s capital Phnom Penh offers free treatment but due to this the demand far outweighs its capacity to help everyone. Calmette Hospital, also in Phnom Penh, is one of Cambodia’s centers for excellent medical care.


In Cambodia dental treatment is a luxury and the average five-year-old has 8-10 decayed teeth. Many children never receive dental care and as a response, there are charities and schemes designed to improve Cambodian dental care.


Unfortunately, emergency services in Cambodia are not great, ambulance services are rarely prompt and the public emergency telephone numbers sometimes go unanswered. Having Worldwide health insurance in Cambodia can save much more than time, with their weak health care infrastructure you cover could save lives.


Before you go


You should get all the relevant vaccinations before visiting, these will include; diphtheria, hepatitis A, tetanus, yellow fever, and malaria. These diseases have had endemic outbreaks, especially in the provinces so immunization and international health insurance is highly advisable.


Next steps


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