Expat Health Insurance in Belgium


International Health Insurance for Expats in Belgium


You may be relocating to Belgium or simply looking for a new international health insurance provider, but it’s important to know what’s on offer both in terms of insurance providers, and also the country’s medical care and facilities.


The Belgian health system is ranked 21st in the world by the WHO, and neighboring France is ranked 1st, so anyone moving abroad to Belgium is guaranteed the highest levels of medical care.


There are state and private health care; fees are payable in both systems, so ensuring adequate health insurance cover is important.


When you are employed by a Belgian company, contributions are automatically deducted to go towards the national office for Social Security.


Healthcare facilities in Belgium


You are able to choose your healthcare practitioner, and GPs can be found in private practice or within clinics or hospitals. Some doctors work within the public and private systems, so it’s always worth checking. Costs are usually paid in cash, as there are rarely card facilities at clinics.


If you’re going to the hospital, be aware that nothing is provided so you will need to bring everything, including toiletries and towels. Emergency treatment is efficient and prompt.


Most dentists in Belgium are private, though some accept partial payment with state insurance. It is important to check because the prices can vary significantly.


Pharmacies are plentiful and there is a list available from chemists or newspapers of rotation of out-of-hours opening times (including through the night).


Before you go


It is unlikely that you will require any vaccinations for Belgium and there are no endemic diseases.


Next steps


You can get a quote for one of our WorldCare plans for your health insurance cover in Belgium.  You can access treatment anywhere in the world. You can buy online, get covered instantly and manage your plan through your own personal secure online area, so it’s quick and convenient.



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