Health Insurance in Australia

Are you moving to Australia? Get the right medical cover!

Australia consistently ranks highly among the best countries in the world for living standards and lifestyle.


It’s no surprise that consequently, the country is also one of the most popular destinations for expats from the United States, as well as from other countries across the world.


Ensure your healthcare needs are covered when emigrating to Australia!


How Does the Australian Healthcare System Work?


Australia has one of the leading healthcare systems in the world.


Healthcare provision in Australia is delivered via a combination of the public Medicare health system and by private services. Although healthcare is accessible to all in Australia, Medicare does not always cover treatment costs in full. As such, the Australian Government actively encourages citizens to take out their own private health insurance cover.


Ensure you have your own adequate private health insurance before you move to Australia with Now Health International.


How Can Expats Access Australian Healthcare?


Temporary residents in Australia are not covered by Medicare for their medical costs. It is therefore very common for expats moving from the US to Australia to take out private health insurance before they move. If you settle in Australia and become a permanent resident you may then become eligible for Medicare, but even under these circumstances, many expats continue to use private healthcare providers.


While the standard of public healthcare in Australia is on par with standards in the private sector, you’re still better off ensuring you’re covered.


If you’re moving to Australia to work, you’ll need to prove you have at least a minimal level of private health insurance cover to qualify for a working visa.


Organize your private healthcare cover today with Now Health International.


Why Choose Now Health International for Your Expat Health Insurance?


Whether you’re moving from the US to Australia to work, study, or to retire, it’s essential that you’re covered adequately for all your possible medical needs.


Our international health insurance plans start from as little as $26 per month for our WorldCare Essential Plan.


This plan will cover you for any in-patient and day-patient care you require while living in Australia, the costs of which can easily reach thousands of dollars even for minor injuries and treatment.


Our other healthcare plans cover you for out-patient care, dental treatment, and maternity care if required, costs again that can quickly add up to thousands of dollars depending on your medical needs.



Choose the healthcare plan you need today, and join thousands of Now Health International members who are living overseas happy in the knowledge their medical costs are covered.



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