Healthcare System in Hong Kong

Whether you’re relocating to Hong Kong or just looking for a new international health insurance provider, it’s key to know what’s available both in terms of insurance provision, but also medical care and facilities.

Hong Kong's health care infrastructure consists of a mixed medical economy, with 12 private hospitals and over 50 public hospitals. There are also polyclinics that offer primary care services, including dentistry.

Hong Kong is one of the healthiest places in the world. Because of its early health education, professional health services, and well-developed health care and medication system, Hongkongers enjoy a life expectancy of 86 for females and 80 for men, which are the second highest in the world.

Hong Kong has high standards of medical practice and buying international health insurance makes sure you and your family receive the best possible care should you need it.

Health care facilities

Since the Hong Kong Hospital Authority took over the management of public hospitals over 10 years ago, remarkable strides have been made to further advance the quality of the medical care. The levels of service, both in availability of newer technologies and admission to quality care are now thought to be on a par with the highly developed countries of the West.

Hong Kong’s centres of medical excellence are situated in its East and West clusters, Kowloon clusters and the New Territories. Notable hospitals include Queen Mary, Tang Shiu Kin and Queen Elizabeth hospital.

Medical practitioners are now trained with “good practice”. Good practice implies that they are required to have active participation in training as well as continuing education, clinical audits, attendance of clinical management meetings, community care participations, and contributions to clinical research, teaching, and data. This maintains the high levels of quality care.

In terms of medical costs Hong Kong and China are second only to the United States. For expatriates that live and work here, or are planning to settle down, private international health insurance is highly recommended.

Before you go

It’s essential you vaccinate yourself accordingly before visiting Hong Kong. The common vaccinations required are against Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Yellow Fever.

The Hong Kong Fire Service in cooperation with two other voluntary organisations provides Hong Kong’s emergency services. Vehicles are typically land ambulance as well as air ambulance.

Next steps

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