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Living the expatriate lifestyle is a dream for many. The prospect of living in a new country every few years, meeting new people, and getting exposed to a new culture while steadily moving up the career ladder certainly sounds like it's worth all the upheaval. Your expat health insurance ensures you're more than ready to face those changes and challenges coming your way.


The Importance of International Medical Insurance


As an expat, your work occupies most of your time, whether you're in your home country or in a different country of residence elsewhere in the world. You definitely want to hit the ground running as soon as you can, and the last thing you want is to get sidelined by having healthcare problems in an unfamiliar country.


Unlike travel insurance that only covers short-term contingencies like lost baggage, delayed flights and small medical emergencies, having international health insurance plans in place for you and your loved ones means you have fewer medical concerns to worry about.


The quality of international healthcare standards varies from country to country, and this is one element of the expat life that all expatriates must accept. Many insurance companies that offer insurance for expats can provide you with plenty of insurance options that can be availed of when necessary or as soon as you set foot in your new job assignment in Singapore.


Now Health Singapore offers international health insurance that's designed just for expat living. You can avail of global medical coverage in over 194 countries and territories, and get the necessary medical treatment with less worry.


Insurance Options for Expats in Singapore


Singapore is home to a large expatriate community who enjoy a high standard of living. In particular, expat families living and working in Singapore cite the country's cleanliness, efficiency and the enviable public healthcare system as some of the perks they enjoy.


The Lion City employs a universal healthcare system that's the envy of many countries. This is done through compulsory savings and government subsidies to help residents obtain required medical treatment with minimal out-of-pocket medical costs. Medishield Life is the Singaporean government's health insurance scheme but this is limited to Singapore citizens and permanent residents.


Expats working in Singapore are usually provided with local health insurance by their companies. However, the insurance coverage for such plans may only offer limited benefits. Thus many expat families opt for private medical insurance that gives them more medical coverage and also more benefits, especially with in-patient and out-patient treatments.


The Kind of Care You Want and Need


As local health insurers' offers can only go so far, it's best to make sure that your expat health insurance cover can offer more.


Now Health Singapore's plans include different levels of cover that will suit your needs and budget, including your choice of regional and worldwide coverage. You can choose to only get essential coverage for major medical concerns to keep your annual premiums affordable for you and your family members, or to opt for a more comprehensive cover that may include dental care, maternity benefits, medical evacuation or repatriation to your home country, and full underwriting for pre-existing conditions.


In the Asia Pacific, Now Health International's global medical provider network not only includes facilities in Singapore but also over 500 in Indonesia, Malaysia, and China. This gives you more flexibility when it comes to choosing your medical provider of choice, to get the treatment you need and deserve. 



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