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In a recent study conducted by the World Health Organization ranking the health systems of 191 countries, Indonesia placed 92nd, below Sri Lanka, Libya, and Bangladesh. If you're relocating to Indonesia and taking up employment in the capital of Jakarta or any of its major urban centers, should the country's health care system be a cause for worry? With more people becoming global citizens and taking up residence in another territory aside from their home country, some things in life should remain a high priority, such as one's personal health. How much insurance coverage do you need? Do you really need international medical insurance? What benefits should you expect from your expat health insurance?


Healthcare for All


Indonesia's economic growth has resulted in rapid urbanization in Jakarta, and many of its major cities. However, the country's healthcare system is still catching up, with a severe lack of hospital beds and medical personnel to care for its 261 million citizens.


In 2014, Indonesia adopted a universal healthcare system in 2014 with the goal of giving all Indonesians with guaranteed access to treatment and minimizing the worry of crippling medical expenses. For most, medical care can only be obtained in the cities, and people living in the more remote areas usually have little to no opportunity of seeing a doctor.


The Indonesian government requires all foreigners to subscribe to a health insurance plan. To this end, it has mandated employers to provide their workers with medical insurance plans and has a limit on how much an employee and their employer must pay for the premiums. The ceiling is set at 5 percent, with the employee contributing 1 percent of the premium amount, and the employer shouldering the difference.


The health plan must be obtained from a local insurance company or any supplier of insurance products that are compliant with Indonesian laws. Many expatriates in Indonesia choose to supplement their local health insurance by subscribing to an international healthcare insurance package for themselves and their dependents.


Genuine Global Health Insurance from Now Health


Now Health Indonesia offers a simple menu of global health insurance plans that are compliant with the government's mandated health insurance scheme, along with the option to expand cover to Asia and beyond.


As experts in international health insurance, Now Health is keenly aware of the practical needs of expat living. Thus, their SimpleCare and WorldCare plans are specifically designed to address these requirements and provide convenience and peace of mind for their members.


Both the SimpleCare and WorldCare international health plans are valid for at least 12 months, and with the option to renew the same level of cover or upgrade to a higher plan limit for more coverage. SimpleCare provides the basic yet necessary medical care such as day-patient and out-patient treatment, with additional benefits at higher plan limits.


Meanwhile, WorldCare plans cater to those who want to cover all the bases as much as possible to ease their worries. These also give you the option add more benefits such as emergency medical treatment, medical evacuation and repatriation, pregnancy and childbirth medical conditions, routine and complex dental treatments, coverage for pre-existing conditions, as well as vaccinations, wellness, and optical check-ups.


Now Health members get access to an extensive list of hospitals, clinics and medical professionals, which include nearly 1,200 in-patient and out-patient providers in Indonesia alone, and hundreds more in the rest of Asia, China, the UK, and the United Arab Emirates. The company's world-class, multi-lingual customer service is also available 24/7 to answer concerns about your plan and provide immediate assistance to ease your worries.

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