Enhanced WorldCare Added Value Services

Second Medical Opinion Service 

Members with our enhanced WorldCare plans can access a second medical opinion service. 

To ensure our members get the right diagnosis and the best treatment, we offer customers access to a second medical opinion from medical experts in their field. This service is designed to give our members greater peace of mind, and even greater value from their international health insurance. 

Benefits of the service include:

• Access to a panel of renowned specialists worldwide
• Advice on the appropriate diagnosis and treatment
• Second medical opinion received within days where possible 

This service is easy to access. A simple call or email to our Customer Service team is all it takes. 



Global Concierge Service 

Members with our enhanced WorldCare plans can access a special global concierge service. 

We know that when a customer is unwell, it’s important that accessing the best medical care is quick and simple, particularly when it comes to overseas treatment. Our global concierge service reassures our members that arranging overseas treatment will be hassle-free. 

Our service includes:

• Dedicated end to end support, throughout the member's treatment –  for them and their family
• Advice on finding medical providers, even if seeking treatment not covered by our plan
• Support to arrange appointments where possible, including appointment reminders and follow up calls 

Customers can access the service by contacting their local Customer Service team.


Travel Assistance Service 

Members with our enhanced WorldCare plans can also access a Travel Assistance Service. This service complements our core plan protection and helps make live easier for our globally mobile members when they travel. It is designed to offer members access to support for non-medical related travel issues or emergencies. 

Our service includes:

  • Support before a member travels, including pre trip information and travel alerts
  • Support when a member is abroad, including prescription assistance, lost luggage support and legal and interpreter referrals 
  • Support in an emergency, including care of minor children, a compassionate visit if a member is hospitalised while travelling for 5 days or more, and emergency transmissions

Click here to find about more about our enhanced travel assistance service and how members can access this support. 






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