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Working as an expatriate abroad has its advantages and disadvantages. It's the opportunity to travel, discover a new culture and expand your network. On the other hand, it can also mean having to adjust to an unfamiliar living and working environment from that of your home country, especially when it comes to your healthcare needs. World-class and reliable expat health insurance coverage by Now Health UK gives you the peace of mind about your medical care so you can embrace your new way of life fully.


International Health Care for Today's Global Citizens


Diplomats and international travelers, as well as expat individuals and families, require more comprehensive coverage when it comes to their expatriate health care needs.


Not only should the medical insurance company offer worldwide cover, but also flexible options when it comes to the benefits and treatments available for each health plan. Other factors that may come into play is whether your chosen international medical plan offers long-term benefits when it comes to necessary medical treatments.


One thing that career expats know is that the quality of healthcare may vary from country to country, and as such, an international healthcare plan can provide a safety net in an unfamiliar environment. For expats who are relocating to the United Kingdom, they are eligible for basic coverage under the National Health Service (NHS), the UK's public healthcare system under the terms of their work visa.


Under the NHS, expatriates working in the UK are considered ordinarily resident and are entitled to receive certain treatments for free or at a lower cost. British expatriates may also avail of treatment when they return to Britain as long as they fulfill certain requirements. However, many choose to avail of the security provided by international health plans such as those offered by Now Health UK to ensure they receive the necessary treatment and care if they need it.


Worldwide Coverage with World-Class Service


Whether you're a career expat or embarking on your first overseas work assignment, make sure that your international health plans have various levels of cover to choose from. The freedom to do so means you can keep your monthly premiums low and minimizing medical expenses while still having coverage for major ailments.


Now Health UK's offerings are simple and easy to customize for your particular needs. The coverage for their SimpleCare plans include the most common in-patient treatments, such as hospitalization or surgery, as well as basic dental care for additional coverage of at least 12 months.


The more robust WorldCare plans begin from the Essential plan that offers necessary medical coverage, as well as co-insurance payment options for day-patient and out-patient treatments to keep your out-of-pocket costs at a minimum. Their highest coverage is under the WorldCare Apex plan that offers comprehensive benefits not only for hospitalization, maternity care, and complex dental treatments but also for medical evacuation and repatriation, vaccinations, wellness, and optical benefits. There's also the choice of full underwriting for pre-existing conditions and with no waiting periods required for certain benefits or treatments.


At the heart of it, all is Now Health's commitment to providing excellent service every step of the way. This includes having one of the most extensive networks of over 600 medical providers in the UK and the rest of Europe. Now Health's global customer service team is available 24/7 to answer its members' concerns about their plans and coverage, and to lend a helping hand in settling claims or finding a provider in their area.




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