Second medical opinion

Second medical opinion

Second Medical Opinion Service from Best Doctors Inc.

(These opinions will be provided exclusively by medical experts in Europe and Asia)

Helping members get the right diagnosis and the right treatment, right NOW

Members of our enhanced WorldCare plan will now be able to access a new second medical opinion service from Best Doctors Inc.

We know it's important that our members receive the appropriate care when they need it most. This new service is designed to give our members greater peace of mind, and even greater value from their international health insurance. 

Read on for more details about this great new service! 




Our partnership with Interconsultation® from Best Doctors Inc.


To ensure our members get the right diagnosis and the best treatment, we are offering customers access to a second medical opinion via our global partnership with Interconsultation® from Best Doctors Inc*.

Benefits of the service include:

• Access to a panel of 5,000 highly renowned specialists (as ranked by their peers) located in Europe and Asia
• Second medical opinion received within 2-3 weeks
• Advice on the appropriate diagnosis and treatment
• Final report to share with the treating physician, to help members decide on the best treatment plan
• Translation services as required 

This new service will be easy for our customers to access. A simple call or email to our Customer Service team is all it takes. 


About Interconsultation® from Best Doctors Inc.


Best Doctors’ InterConsultation® service lets customers get an expert medical review from one of the world’s most well-respected doctors located in Europe and Asia. The service matches the case to the most appropriate medical expert, who reviews the diagnosis and treatment plan in detail. There is no need for the customer to visit a second doctor or leave home. They only need to give permission for Interconsultation® to collect their medical records. Patients will receive an in-depth, easy-to-understand report with expert recommendations and, if necessary, recommended changes.

You can see real life stories of people who have benefited from this service here

* Second medical opinion service is most appropriate for medium - long term complex conditions, and is not available for minor conditions, or in emergency/life threatening situations. 

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