Membership benefits

Membership benefits

Discover benefit-rich options, simple processes and service you can count on, whenever you use you or your employees use our international health insurance.

Getting your insurance quotes online is a fast and simple process.  All your insurance quotes are stored securely in your own personal online portfolio. You can turn your quote into a plan online too by completing the process through our secure website or by requesting a call back.

We’ve designed our international health insurance plans to fit into busy lifestyles, so your employees don’t have to spend unwanted time submitting and tracking a claim or accessing healthcare directly.

Once you've bought your health insurance plan, we've designed accessing it simple and easy to use.

What you’ll get

  • Manage your quotes and apply online
  • View and download your group plan documents
  • Add, edit and delete members online
  • View limited employee claims information
  • Get regular management information on your membership and claims experience 

What your employees will get

  • View and download their employee plan documents
  • Track their claims in real time, including email and SMS updates
  • Download virtual membership cards before their permanent ones arrive
  • Order replacement membership cards if you lose one
  • Fast claims processing - eligible claims processed in five working days
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