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Why Should You Choose Now Health As Your expat health insurance provider?

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Expats stands for expatriates, which is an individual living outside of their own country. Whether for work, to volunteer or for pleasure, there are thousands of expats living abroad every day. For expats living abroad, it’s important to find the right expat health insurance provider and plan to best meets your needs and make sure that you are safe and healthy in your current country. At Now Health, we understand that packing up and moving overseas can be an exciting but daunting experience. To reduce your stress, we deliver a simply, painless approach to international health insurance. Sign up for your Now Health International Plan today and start seeing the benefits.

What follows is an in depth look at all of the relevant factors that you must take into account when choosing a suitable expat health insurance plan. You will start to understand why choosing Now Health is the best choice for expat health insurance! Private medical insurance will also be discussed later.

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As expats, you may experience difficulty when looking for a suitable insurance plan and begin to get frustrated. This is a huge part of living abroad and should not be belittled. We offer a large variety of different packages and options for individuals, families and businesses in order to meet your personal needs. Understandably, you have a lot of questions. Let’s take a look at the most common ones:

When am I covered? Does the policy apply regardless of what country I live in? What’s the benefit of an expat insurance plan?


                Western, developed countries have generally high quality or at least adequate health care. In contrast, less-developed countries usually cannot deliver the level of health care you require. International hospitals are available in many countries with less than perfect health care. International hospitals have state of the art facilities and better overall quality, in comparison to local hospitals because these institutions focus specifically on foreigners.

                The majority of local insurance companies will cover some health care needs but usually only for a very specific amount of time and/or with limited coverage. Therefore, if you travel often between continents and countries, or live in another country, Now Health is a better solution to a health insurance plan, giving you complete coverage.

Our promise to our customers is in our name: 'Now' is fast, innovative and accessible. This includes clear, relevant information, an easy-to-navigate online platform and fast service from people who respect and value great customer service.


If you choose one of our multi-award winning international health insurance plans, we’ll guarantee you:

  • Clear, relevant information, so you can tailor your plan to suit your needs
  • An up-front approach to underwriting, so your clients know what they’re covered for and what they’re not
  • Great service from people who respect your time and understand what matters to you
  • A simple and fast claims processes – with claims turnaround within 5 working days
  • A completely flexible involvement model that enables you to manage your program the way you want
  • Products underwritten by Reinsurance Group of America Inc. (RGA) - a leader in the global health and life reinsurance sector
  • Innovative digital tools to help you find  a doctor and submit claims online
  • Access to a provider network of over 1 million medical facilities and physicians worldwide
  • In-house service teams located around the world, offering 24/7 multilingual customer care and support
  • Direct Billing options, so you don’t have to be out of pocket
  • 86% + Customer Retention rate!
  • A clear ethical policy including a commitment to reduce the amount of paper we use

Contact your local Sales Team to let us help you find the best insurance plan, in whatever country you want to check off your bucket list next.


How exactly does expat medical insurance work?


Expat medical insurance covers you much more fully than the local private medical insurance plans you were probably enrolled in back in your home country. It ensures access to the best medical care anywhere in the world, not just in your country of residence, which is why international health insurance plans are often the best option for expats living and working abroad. With this in place, you don’t have to worry about where your cover starts and stops every time you pick up and move or travel for any period of time.


To compare an international medical insurance plan to one specific to expats, local healthcare insurance plans are usually constructed to cover all, or a specific selection, of your medical expenses in your home country, but very limited once you leave your home country. It is different in every country but the basic structure tends to look like this: 

-              Countries with free health care. For example: Sweden, United Kingdom, Germany

-              Healthcare covered by social infrastructure and state providers. For example: the Netherlands

-              Private healthcare insurance providers (this is usually most expensive but it allows private facility visits and reduced waiting schedules).


There are a lot of expatriates that think a local health insurance plan offers sufficient cover for the duration of their time in another country, especially expatriates from countries with high quality insurance systems and health care facilities. The downside to these insurance plans is the limitations.

                Limitations can form significant risks and issues due to minimum coverage in certain circumstances and are usually time-sensitive, meaning after a certain amount of time, the local insurance plan does not cover any health care expenses anymore. In addition, it’s questionable in many cases whether your insurance plan will provide cover in all countries.

Choosing Now Health International to be your insurance provider, will ensure you and your family receive expat travel insurance that gives you the peace of mind you desire while traveling.  Now Health provides worldwide coverage, thus it doesn’t matter where you live; you can ensure that you will receive the same quality of care that you would get at home, no matter where you are in the world. Even if you spend the majority of your time abroad but reside in your home country a few times a year, you can feel confident that you are fully covered.


One of the best parts of Now Health is an offer for quick and easy claims process and additional add-on plans such as routine maternity care and dental treatments. In comparison to the same coverage of these treatments with your local insurance provider, coverage would be very slim, if at all available.

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Things to Consider When Choosing a Plan


First, it’s important to check what medical facilities are included in the insurance provider’s network, with focus within the key countries you will be based in. As a company that specializes in health insurance for expats this is particularly important for us. Now Health International has a network of over one million medical providers worldwide, including world-class hospitals and facilities everywhere in the world.


It’s also important to pay close attention to the level of cover you can expect to receive. At Now Health International, we are passionate about maintaining an upfront approach so that our members know exactly what they’re covered for.

A good insurance provider will also have attentive customer care. At Now Health, we take that a step further to have 24-hour customer service offered in many languages. In this way, you can feel totally confident you are getting what you pay for in your plan.

We put our customers first, which is why in our latest Customer Satisfaction survey, 89% of our members rated their overall experience as excellent or very good, and 8 in 10 said they would recommend us to friends and family. In addition, 78% found our claims team helpful and 8 in 10 members felt it was easy to submit claims.

What else should I know about Now Health ?


In the event you are planning to move to another country for a long period of time or perhaps even permanently, it is important to confirm with your local insurance company up to exactly what date you are covered. This will avoid any unwanted surprises once you’re overseas.

For example, if you move to the Netherlands, it is mandated by law that you have an insurance plan for all expatriates. This means that the moment you are employed with a Dutch company, your local insurance coverage is cancelled and replaced by state health care coverage or an international healthcare plan, such as what we offer at Now Health. However, this is a unique situation.

In most other countries, you have to file a request for cancellation of your current insurance package with your local insurance provider.

Exactly for these reasons it is strongly advised that you switch to a health insurance for expats plan before moving overseas to cover the possible gap of not being insured. We know you probably have enough on your mind during your move to another country. Sign up for a Now Health International insurance plan and let us take the hassle of choosing an insurance plan off of your hands.


How does a Now Health International WorldCare plan work?

At Now Health International we allow you to receive a quote and compare all the benefits under the four WorldCare options. Select the WorldCare plan that best suits where you live or plan to be settled for a long period of time. We provide you with a quote that suits your circumstances and your budget. If you require additional help, use our simple guide to find the right plan!

In case you are living in Europe but traveling to other countries frequently in the European Union, you definitely want to consider our worldwide expat medical plan. While many travelers and expats believe they are covered in the entire EU with an EU local medical insurance plan, you would likely only be covered within one single country. With a Now Health Worldcare plan, you are covered throughout the entire European Union!

The costs of WorldCare plans are calculated on factors such as: country of residence, gender and age and individual, family or business registration.


What Exactly is covered by Now Health International?

Now Health provides a certain set of core benefits onto which additional benefits and extra treatments can be added. Our core package consists of:

-              In-patient and day-patient care

-              Organ transplant

-              Cancer treatment

-              Pregnancy and childbirth medical conditions

-              Evacuation and repatriation

-              Day-patient or out-patient surgery

It is possible and even advised to customize your plan with extra features and benefits that meet your personal requirements. These treatments and benefits range from maintenance of chronic medical conditions, dental treatments, USA elective treatment, maternity leave and more. Check out our benefit schedule to get a complete overview.

Particularly if you are planning to live in an area in the world where local healthcare facilities are underdeveloped and unable to provide the essential medical care you needs, it’s highly advised to choose Now Health as your worldwide health insurance provider. One of the core attributes of all of our packages is evacuation to the nearest medical facility for emergency treatment as well as repatriation to country of nationality or residence for insured person and an escort. Our policy allows you to visit advanced and well-developed healthcare facilities that are able to perform the required medical attention in case local hospitals don’t have the capabilities to treat you.


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A leading expat health insurance provider


It is advised to take time planning what your individual requirements are when selecting one of our packages, as well as what additional benefits and treatments you might need. Routine and complex dental treatments might not be on the top of your list of priorities, but the costs incurred for such treatments can become very costly the longer you live out of the country.

Your main might focus may be on keeping the costs low, which is completely understandable. That is why we always try to provide you with a quote that is best suited for you and your circumstances, related to your budget. It’s also essential to make sure urgent health care needs are also covered.

If you are looking for a plan for your family, Now Health covers a wide range of plans for international residents and their families, For individuals and families we offer the same range of WorldCare plans that suit each of your family member’s needs.

For companies, Now Health offers a range of WorldCare plans that can be tailored to your employees’ needs, including plans for employees in Singapore, Dubai, Mainland China, Indonesia, and other international groups.

We put our customers first, which is why in our latest Customer Satisfaction survey, 89% of our members rated their overall experience as excellent or very good, and 8 in 10 said they would recommend us to friends and family. In addition, 78% found our claims team helpful and 8 in 10 members felt it was easy to submit claims.


We also offer award winning digital tools such as our smartphone app and secure online portfolio which make it even quicker and easier for our members to submit claims online and find a medical provider in our network.


Now Health International provides innovative products and is an award winning expat health insurance, helping ensure you can offer your clients the best coverage, the best care and the best customer service, helping you to grow your business.

At Now Health International, we believe health insurance should be as simple and accessible as possible, and we offer a range of products to suit different lifestyles.


Get a quote today and learn how we will cater for your international healthcare needs.

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