Enhanced WorldCare - Global concierge

Enhanced WorldCare - Global concierge


Global concierge service 

Following the launch of our enhanced WorldCare plans, members will now be able to access a new global concierge service. 

We know that when a customer is unwell, it’s important that accessing the best medical care is quick and simple, particularly when it comes to overseas treatment. Our new global concierge service will reassure our members that arranging overseas treatment will be hassle free. 

Read on for more details about this great new service! 





Great new service

Our new global concierge service for members of our enhanced WorldCare plans will help take the hassle out of arranging treatment overseas - from advice on finding the best medical provider to help in booking an appointment.

Our service includes:

Dedicated end to end support, throughout the member's treatment –  for them and their family
Coordination of all appointments, from the initial consultation through to hospitalisation and treatment
Advice on finding the best overseas medical provider, even if they are seeking treatment not covered by our plan
A liaison contact between different medical providers and other parties, so our members don’t have to worry about keeping everyone up to date

Customers will be able to access the service by contacting their local Customer Service representative.


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