Introducing our new 10% Family Discount!


Making it easier to get cover for your whole family

At Now Health International, we’re here to help safeguard the health of your whole family.

That’s why we're introducing a new discount offer for our enhanced WorldCare plans, to help make it easier for you to get cover for your whole family.  

We're offering a 10% discount to our members that purchase a family plan with us. The offer is valid for both new plans and at renewal, so you’ll be able to retain this 10% discount on your premium every year you stay with us.  


The Family Discount is available to new and renewing members that meet the following criteria:

  • Have a family plan (i.e. you, your spouse and at least one child)
  • Have (or switch to) one of our enhanced WorldCare plans
  • All family members are on the same plan, benefits and deductible

So whether you are an existing member or are looking to purchase cover for your family, our enhanced WorldCare plans will offer you even greater value, service and benefits!

Don't miss out on our Family Discount!


Find out more about our enhanced WorldCare plans here.

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