Family Discount FAQ

We’re offering a 10% discount to your clients when they purchase a family plan with us. Offer applies to enhanced WorldCare plans only.

Plans must cover a minimum of two adults and one child to qualify and all members must be on the same plan, benefits and deductible.

We know many of your clients want to safeguard the health of their whole family. Our new Family Discount makes it easier for them to ensure their entire family can continue to access the best quality healthcare. 

The Family Discount is available for our four enhanced WorldCare plans – Essential, Advance, Excel and Apex. You can find out more about our enhanced WorldCare plans here. It is available in all markets.

This discount is valid for both new business and at renewal, so your clients will continue to enjoy this discount every year they renew with us. 

Yes existing members can access the Family Discount at renewal, provided they meet the criteria.  

The Family Discount is only available for our enhanced WorldCare plans which offer higher benefit limits, a simple annual deductible structure, and new added value services. You can find out more about our enhanced WorldCare plans here

If your client switches to enhanced WorldCare at renewal, not only will they be able to access these enhanced benefits, but they’ll also be eligible for the Family Discount. We’re sure they will want to switch to our enhanced WorldCare plans once they hear this! 

Your client will receive whichever discount is greater out of the No Claims Discount (NCD) or Family Discount .  

The Family Discount cannot be applied in conjunction with any other discounts. 

Great news! Contact your local Sales Team who will be able to assist in processing the discount. 

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