Enhanced WorldCare - FAQ

Enhanced WorldCare - FAQ

We have created this new plan in response to feedback from our members and intermediaries, and to ensure we can offer a more comprehensive package to meet your clients’ healthcare needs. As well as a simple annual deductible and enhanced benefit limits, we’ve also added new services to our plan to support your client’s overall health and well-being.

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The new annual deductible is for in/day-patient treatment and replaces the per medical condition excess. This means your clients only have to pay once a year, rather than every time they seek treatment for a new medical condition. It also gives them greater flexibility to keep their cover affordable through a higher deductible if they wish.

If clients select an annual deductible, they can also choose one of our four out-patient options, including a per visit excess or co-insurance, to help better manage their healthcare costs.

Read more about our annual deductible on our blog here.

To ensure your clients get the right diagnosis and the best treatment, we are offering customers of our enhanced WorldCare plans access to a second medical opinion service through our partnership with Interconsultation® from Best Doctors Inc.

This gives them access to over 53,000 highly renowned specialists globally, who can help advise on the appropriate diagnosis and treatment, particularly for complex or long term conditions. We’ll provide a second medical opinion within 2-3 weeks, including a final report for them to share with their treating physician. You can find out more here

All customers need to do is contact our local customer service team who can assist.

Our new partnership with red24 gives customers of our enhanced WorldCare plans access to extensive safety, security and travel-related information, as well as 24/7 crisis management support - a vital service service for our globally mobile members.

This includes access to a 24/7 Crisis Response Management Centre that can assist them when travelling, including email or SMS travel safety alerts about epidemics, and country risk profiles. To access these services, our members just need to register on the red24 website using their Now Health membership number. You can find out more here.

If members want to use the enhanced WorldCare plans to access medical treatment overseas, our new global concierge service will help ensure the process is hassle free.

We’ll provide dedicated end to end support throughout their treatment, including coordination of all appointments, from the initial consultation through to hospitalisation and treatment. We’ll even provide advice on finding the best medical provider for their treatment (even if it’s not covered by their plan), and liaise between different medical providers and other parties as needed. You can find out more here.

All customers need to do is contact our local customer service team who can assist.

Your client’s renewal premium will be impacted by a number of factors including their location, age and choice of plan.

Our enhanced WorldCare product enables us to offer a sharper price point on select plans, so it’s possible your client could access the enhanced product at a more competitive price. The new annual deductible structure also gives them greater flexibility to reduce their premium.

You can get a quote here.

We’ve created a simple tool for mapping existing members across to the new annual deductible plans, to help you find the best deal for your client.

For example, if your client has a nil excess then they may wish to opt for a nil deductible. However, you may want to talk to your client about adding an annual deductible if they want to reduce their premium.

This tool is available here

Following our extensive product review and in response to feedback from both intermediaries and customers, we’ve created our enhanced WorldCare plan to better meet your clients’ needs. We strongly encourage all our members to upgrade at renewal to access these additional benefits and added value services.

Their no claims bonus will not be affected if they upgrade to our enhanced WorldCare plan. We will automatically transfer it across at renewal.

Yes, upgrading to our enhanced WorldCare is simple and easy. Your client can keep their same plan number and secure online portfolio log in, and will still be able to access all our digital tools, including our Mobile App.

Get in touch to upgrade your client today.

Upgrading to our new enhanced WorldCare plan is simple. You can use our online quote tool in the usual way or we can prepare a quote for you. We will then easily transfer your client across, and they can even keep their same membership number and secure online portfolio log in.

Get in touch to upgrade your client today.

Yes, but they can only access our new annual deductible, added values services, increased benefit limits, and the sharper price points available for certain plan premiums if they switch to our enhanced WorldCare. We’re sure that most clients will want to upgrade once they know more about our great product!

As a general rule we are offering the same great benefits as before, with some small variations across markets, and have even increased our benefit limits on some parts of your client’s cover, including renal, chronic and maternity care.

You can view a snapshot of the increased benefit limits here or download our latest brochures here for more details. 

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