Global Medical Insurance

Global Medical Insurance

Now Health UAE makes it fast and simple for you to get the right health cover, whether you want a basic health care plan or full coverage with all the bells and whistles.


Why do I need an Global Medical Insurance? 


Are you an expatriate going on new life experience, living and working away from your home country? If you are, then an international health insurance plan is specifically designed for you. It’s perfect for people who are going to live abroad for a year or more and gives you the same quality of medical care as you’re used to no matter what country you’re in.


We talk to a lot of expats who think that travel insurance will have the same medical cover. It won’t. While travel medical plans do include some basic health coverage overseas, insurance policies like this are only designed for short term holidays when lost luggage and delayed flights take top priority. When it comes to protecting your health and avoiding the hassle of medical expenses, the best long-term solution is going for a private medical insurance plan with worldwide coverage.


Now Health International makes it fast and simple for you to get the right health cover, whether you want the basic health care plan or all the bells and whistles.


International Health Insurance for Expats in The United Arab Emirates (Dubai)


Whether you’re relocating to Dubai or just looking for a new international health insurance provider, it’s imperative to know what’s obtainable both in terms of insurance providers, but also the medical care and facilities of the region.


One part of the seven United Arab Emirates, Dubai has a relatively small population of 1.9m, which means that there is little pressure on the healthcare system. Comprised of both public and private sectors, Dubai’s medical infrastructure is based around the American Mission Hospitals, which used to operate on a part-private, part-free basis.


Now Dubai has a public health service providing free or very low-cost healthcare for its nationals and these services are also available to expatriates. International health insurance is the best way to make sure that you get access to the level of healthcare that you want, however.


Healthcare facilities


There are numerous medical facilities in the private and public sectors for specialized treatment, however, it’s occasionally necessary to seek medical assistance outside Dubai. Although some of Dubai’s doctors and medical staff are local, the vast majority are foreign and well trained in their home countries. The best hospitals in Dubai include the following the American Hospital Dubai, the Emirates Hospital in Jumeirah, the International Modern Hospital, the International Private Hospital, Cedars Jebel Ali International Hospital, and the Belhoul Hospital.


Currently, the private sector provides 54% of out-patient services in the emirate and will continue playing its central role in Dubai’s healthcare system, supporting and complementing the public sector where it can.


The government of Dubai offers select health programs to its population including a large proportion of expatriates. A new system was introduced two years ago where residents must register with an out-patient care practice to access and receive basic health services, with an estimated 500 clinics joining the system.


Dental Care in Dubai is of a high standard but can be expensive for expatriates depending on the treatment required.


Although an ambulance service exists it is controlled by the police and used primarily for road accidents or by the state hospitals. If you require urgent medical attention it is best to use your own transportation or jump in a taxi.


Before you go


There are several vaccinations recommended when traveling to the UAE, these are diphtheria, hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, tetanus and malaria.


Next steps


Get a quote for one of our WorldCare plans for your cover in Dubai.  You can access treatment anywhere in the world. You can buy online, get covered instantly and manage your plan through your own personal secure online area, so it’s quick and convenient.

Why Choose Now Health International

Exceptional service

We understand what matters to you and we make sure you only get the best global medical insurance.

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We make it easy for you to find information, access a medical provider, and make a claim.

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As a truly global health insurance company, we provide you access to a network of over 1 million medical facilities and physicians worldwide.

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Now Health is a specialist international health insurance provider focused on worldwide cover. Because we do one thing, our staff are experts in local markets and global health cover.
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