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Family and loved ones. Health. Safety. Certainty. These are the most important things in life that we truly value. When you're away from your home country, you want reliability and the assurance that you're cared for, especially when it comes to any health issues. At Now Health United Arab Emirates, we believe our international health insurance can do all that and more. When it comes to giving you the health coverage you need for the duration of your stay in the UAE, we go beyond providing medical cover. We believe in giving the best service and care. 

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The UAE at the Forefront of Global Healthcare


Medical tourism is a growing trend in the global healthcare industry, and in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai is leading the way. Currently, it plays host to more than 120 medical facilities and hospitals located within its famous Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) free economic zone that was launched in 2002.


Offering high-quality medical services and treatments, the DHCC also serves as a hub for medical research and education, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, wellness and more, run by over 35,000 healthcare professionals from all over the world. According to, the city welcomed around 300,000 medical tourists from overseas in 2015. By 2020, the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) aims to boost medical tourist arrivals to half a million.


Beyond the Basics


Travel insurance can take care of the basics whenever you're on the road or up in the air. However, global health insurance offers coverage for any medical conditions you may have for an extended period of time. Nevertheless, should you just settle for any insurance product from any insurance company?


Not all international health plans are made equal. Different types of plans offer varying levels of cover, and it's essential that you select one that fulfills your health care requirements. Are preexisting conditions included? Will you have access to the best medical facilities within your medical insurance provider's network?


Global Care with a Personalized Touch


Now Health in the United Arab Emirates is keenly aware of how important international medical insurance is when you're a citizen of the world. All our plans include various care benefits that are available with different levels of cover to suit your preferences.


Now Health's international health insurance plans are designed for individuals and families and for businesses who have their employees' welfare in mind. Each medical plan offers 12 months coverage and can be renewed to provide long-term care.


Our WorldCare plans have various levels of cover and a variety of benefit options to choose from. The WorldCare Advance plan takes care of basic in-patient, day-patient and outpatient treatments so you can keep your medical expenses manageable. For truly comprehensive coverage, the Apex plan extends your cover to include dental and maternity benefits, with the choice of full underwriting for pre-existing conditions with the highest plan limits.


Along with all these, Now Health also gives you access to a network consisting of nearly 1,200 medical providers located in the United Arab Emirates. This extensive network provides a truly global scope as it covers other countries including Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia and Europe. Our world-class global customer service teams are always on hand to answer concerns and assist you with any emergency. 


Why Choose Now Health International

Exceptional service

We understand what matters to you and we make sure you only get the best global medical insurance.

Quick and hassle-free claims process

Submit your claims online or via our mobile app.

Simple and transparent

We make it easy for you to find information, access a medical provider, and make a claim.

24/7 multilingual customer care and support

We have in-house service teams located around the world, ready to help whenever you need it.

Extensive network

As a truly global health insurance company, we provide you access to a network of over 1 million medical facilities and physicians worldwide.

Highly Specialised

Now Health is a specialist international health insurance provider focused on worldwide cover. Because we do one thing, our staff are experts in local markets and global health cover.

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