International Student Health Insurance



Studying abroad? Choosing to study outside your home country means a wholly different level of independence, and a chance to see the world and truly expand your horizons. Having an international student health insurance plan enables you to make new discoveries and embrace new challenges with less worry about your healthcare needs. Now Health Singapore offers health insurance plans designed for foreign students who want medical coverage that's essential, efficient and economical.


Medical Coverage for the Overseas Student


As an international student, you require more than just travel insurance with each trip you take to finish your studies. International student health plans that combine great benefits, coverage, and affordability provide you with peace of mind and help maintain your health and safety while you're away from your home country.


When it comes to choosing the right international health insurance suitable for those studying abroad, do you want just the basics or more extensive medical coverage? Another important thing to consider is that each country may have specific health insurance requirements and a minimum level of insurance coverage depending on what type of visa you hold. For example, foreign students in the United States who hold an F1 visa may not need to fulfill certain health insurance requirements set by the US government. However, your school or university may have more specific conditions on what kind of student health insurance you should have.


Now Health Singapore's health insurance plans offer plenty of coverage options no matter what type of international student insurance policies you choose. Whether you opt for short-term medical insurance, or one suitable for long-term, each Now Health plan offers coverage for at least 12 months, ideal for a full academic year.


Aside from catering to Singapore's sizable expat population, Now Health Singapore also looks out for the country's young citizens who are studying abroad, including the Schengen visa countries. The country is also home to thousands of international students attracted by its world-class universities and its reputation as a leader in information technology, research, the sciences and more.


What You Need When It Comes to Student Health Insurance


What should you look for when you're getting student medical coverage? Your coverage options should include at least the minimum amount of medical coverage for accidents or illnesses, including day-patient or out-patient care, or emergency treatment.


It's also important to consider whether you want a health plan that will provide coverage for pre-existing conditions to avoid incurring out-of-pocket medical expenses. 


As a foreign student, it's also necessary to think about contingencies such as requiring emergency medical evacuation to the nearest appropriate medical facility in case of a serious illness or accident. This is coupled with the transport expenses that come with the evacuation process, and the possibility of repatriation to your home country or your current country of residence.


Now Health Singapore keeps you covered for these eventualities with its WorldCare and SimpleCare plans that are designed to ease your worry about staying healthy and safe while you focus on your academic goals. Its WorldCare plans include various levels of cover and benefits that are designed to be affordable yet adequate for your needs. You can choose to avail of basic in-patient and out-patient care under the Essential plan to the more robust Apex plan that includes maternity care, routine and complex dental treatment as well as out-patient and day-patient care.


Meanwhile, its SimpleCare plans offer more streamlined coverage designed to maintain affordability while still providing you with quality healthcare when you need it and where you need it.


Now Health's global presence means you're assured of immediate service wherever you are. In the Asia Pacific region, its headquarters are in Hong Kong and maintains service centers in Singapore, Shanghai, Beijing, Indonesia, Dubai, and the United Kingdom. A simple phone call or email to their 24/7 global customer service team provides you with the assistance you need. Better yet, the Now Health mobile phone app also brings these services to your fingertips with just a few taps. 



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