International Student Health Insurance



Studying abroad broadens your horizons and opens up many personal and professional opportunities after your course of study. For international students, the challenge is to maintain their academic focus and wellbeing in a strange country. Foreign students must also deal with the high cost of living, educational and healthcare expenses in their host country. Having an international student health insurance plan in place helps minimize the financial burden of medical costs. The insurance coverage provided by the right health insurance plan creates a greater feeling of security for students.


Visa and Health Insurance Requirements


The Indonesian government has been making efforts to improve the quality of education at all levels and to attract larger numbers of foreign students to its universities. To this end, the government now allows overseas students to apply online for a student visa and stay permit. In addition, foreigners who hold temporary stay permit visas (VITAS) may now extend their temporary stay permits (TAS) online.


In contrast, the number of Indonesian students pursuing overseas studies continues to grow year after year, with recent statistics showing a 35 percent increase compared to the previous decade. Currently, Australia is the most popular destination for overseas Indonesian students due to the quality of education, followed by Singapore and Malaysia as these locations are closer to their home country.


Affordability is also a big factor in the students' choice of institutions and locations. The school requirements of many American universities oblige foreign students to purchase international student insurance plans. Some educational institutions' also have different requirements depending on the visa category obtained.


The US Department of State stipulates that foreign exchange visitors with a J-1 visa, with dependents holding J-2 visas, must have medical insurance coverage for the duration of their study program. For F1 visa holders, however, there are certain exemptions provided by certain colleges and universities. However, as healthcare costs in the US are rather prohibitive, it's more prudent to avail of medical insurance for international students to limit out-of-pocket medical expenses.


The Essentials in an International Student Insurance Plan


When it comes to health insurance for international students, offerings made by insurance companies may vary. So what do you need to consider when choosing an international student's health plan?


Now Health Indonesia offers student health insurance that's tailor-made for the needs of students pursuing their academic degrees abroad. Foreign students constantly need to stay on their budget and keep track of their living and educational expenses. The SimpleCare plans are ideal for those who would like to keep their medical expenses to a minimum while still getting basic medical treatment such as out-patient and day-patient care. SimpleCare and SimpleCare 250 have slightly higher levels of cover and corresponding premiums but offer more benefits and flexibility.


Choose the WorldCare plans if you want to cover for major medical events such as day-patient or out-patient surgery, maintenance of chronic medical conditions, routine and complex dental treatment as well as coverage even for pre-existing conditions. Not only do these plans offer comprehensive coverage but they also include emergency medical evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains should the need arise.


Now Health makes it easier for foreign students to take charge of their health plans via the smartphone app. The app allows you to make claim reimbursements for certain treatments below USD 500. It also provides access to Now Health's extensive network provider list featuring medical facilities, out-patient and in-patient clinics, doctors and dentists located in Europe, the United Kingdom, UAE, China, Singapore, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. Should you require treatment in your host country, you can contact the Now Health customer service team via the app or through email for assistance.


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