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Studying abroad opens up the mind and broadens one's horizons. As more and more students opt to pursue their academic dreams overseas, it's just as essential to safeguard your physical health as well as your intellectual welfare. Choose an international student health insurance plan that provides you with the necessary and best medical care possible while away from your home country. Now Health Hong Kong offers foreign students in Hong Kong as well as Hong Kong students enrolled abroad a carefully curated selection of medical insurance plans with their physical health care needs in mind.


A Growing Hub for Foreign Education


Recent statistics from the United Kingdom's Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA), there are more than 70,000 students from Hong Kong enrolled in undergraduate and postgraduate programs at British universities between 2017 and 2018. For a good number of years, the UK has taken the lion's share as the top destination for Hong Kong students studying overseas, followed by Australia, the US, Canada, and New Zealand. More recently, Hong Kong students are also choosing to study in Mainland China as well as in Taiwan.


Hong Kong also has a large number of foreign students enrolled at all education levels, from kindergarten up to post-graduate programs. Those in the primary and secondary schools are usually children of expatriates working in the city, while a growing number from other countries in Asia and Europe are attracted by the academic programs and opportunities offered by Hong Kong universities and their stellar performance in the QS World University Rankings and the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.


Student Health Insurance in Europe and the US*


Unlike in other countries, international student health insurance isn't one of the visa requirements if you want to study in Hong Kong. However, some institutions may require foreign students to have both travel insurance and an international student insurance plan. This is to help minimize the burden on Hong Kong taxpayers who primarily help fund the city's public healthcare system.


Students without a health insurance plan may enroll in one endorsed by the university. However, in most cases, this only provides the most basic coverage, and may not include emergency treatments, medical evacuation or repatriation, and other major healthcare needs.


Students who are nationals of countries outside of Europe planning to study in Schengen visa countries are required to have travel insurance. The travel insurance coverage should include the entire Schengen territory for the duration of their studies. They're also required to have a current international health insurance plan with a certain amount of coverage sufficient for emergency treatment if needed.


A large number of educational institutions in the US list travel insurance and an international student health insurance plan in their school requirements for admission. Please note that while foreign students with a US F1 visa may be exempted from fulfilling certain health insurance requirements, those holding a J-1 visa may need to follow a different set of conditions regarding medical insurance as a student.


*US elective treatment is available as required. Contact us for more information.


Keep Your Focus


Your personal health plays a big role in your academic performance. Now Health Hong Kong's healthcare plans are simple enough to give international students the most suitable choices available without having to strain their budget.


For basics such as coverage for in-patient and out-patient treatments like hospitalization and minor surgeries, the SimpleCare plans offer the most pocket-friendly options by keeping medical expenses lower. Choose from SimpleCare Core, SimpleCare 100 and SimpleCare 250.


The WorldCare plans offer comprehensive coverage that includes in-patient, day-patient and out-patient care, plus the options to include routine and complex dental treatments, plus vaccinations, optical and wellness check-ups. WorldCare plans also give you the option for medical evacuation and repatriation to another medical facility in your home country or country of residence.


Members can use Now Health's mobile app if they need to find an affiliated medical provider or facility in their current location. The app also allows them to contact Now Health's customer service team to address their concerns and to access services such as filing reimbursement claims.



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