International Student Health Insurance

Every year, millions of people from all over the world apply for student visas to study in various countries with well-regarded colleges and universities.


Studying abroad offers a number of personal and professional benefits that go beyond what is actually taught in the curriculum. Most international students report the experience to be a life-changing and an overall positive experience, regardless of the school or country they choose.


Unfortunately, the cost of living and healthcare in many of these popular destinations can be quite high. Most international students are also at risk when they’re in a foreign country. The unfamiliarity of the environment often leads to an elevated risk of illnesses and accidents. Every year thousands of students abroad find themselves financially burdened by the cost of healthcare on top of their education and living expenses.


This makes it important to invest in your health, even before you make the move abroad. Now Health International’s plans are specifically designed for international students and others who may need to stay overseas for extended periods, ensuring they receive the very best healthcare available in their host country.



What is international student health insurance?


International student health insurance is a type of insurance meant to address the needs of people studying in a foreign country, usually for periods over a year.


Unlike other types of insurance, international student health insurance plans offer coverage in the student’s host country, giving them access to a wide range of services.



How does international student health insurance work?


Most plans don’t apply once you leave your home country. Many international students, foreign workers, and even diplomats unfortunately only learn this when they become seriously ill or meet an accident in their host country.


This is especially serious as studying overseas can be expensive, and the added cost of uninsured healthcare can seriously hinder a student’s ability to continue with their education overseas.


International student insurance plans are intended to solve these problems, keeping you protected even during an extended stay overseas. Now Health International’s student health plans are valid in 197 countries and territories, giving students protection wherever they may be.




Can’t I just use regular insurance or travel insurance?


Generally speaking, neither regular health insurance nor travel insurance is appropriate for international students. While they’re certainly important for certain sets of people, they do not address the challenges that students are likely to face when they’re studying abroad.


Regular insurance policies generally only provide coverage within your home country. They’re designed to address issues unique to living, working, and studying within that country only. Even in rare cases where they do provide international coverage, there are usually gaps that make it inappropriate for students living overseas.


Travel insurance, on the other hand, does provide international coverage and a few limited medical benefits similar to what you may find in an international student health plan, such as medical evacuation. However, travel insurance plans are made with short-term travelers in mind. Thus they have a focus on common traveler’s problems, such as theft and booking cancellations. They will not cover continuing treatments for health issues as well, making them unsuitable for students abroad.


International student health insurance plans, on the other hand, focus on in-patient and outpatient check-ups as well as long-term medical and dental treatments. They’re better suited for students studying abroad over a year.


Given the above, it’s definitely prudent for students to purchase health plans that directly address their concerns. They offer the coverage students will actually need, and they tend to be more focused on health and safety issues that are truly important for international students and their families.



How much does international student health insurance cost?


Now Health International has insurance for international students for as low as USD 29 a month, depending on the country where the student will reside. This covers the health concerns of most international students, including covering in-patient and day-patient care.


The rates may also change depending on the needed coverage, the existence of preexisting health conditions, desired plan customization, and factors unique to the destination country.


However, having at least a basic level of insurance is always cheaper than paying for medical expenses out of pocket, especially in countries with high healthcare costs.



What will my international student health insurance cover?


The level of insurance coverage depends on the type of plan and the customization you choose. Now Health International’s WorldCare Essential plan includes in-patient and day-patient care, which is perfect for most young students.


If you need more coverage or desire to take your family with you, as can be the case with many students taking master’s or doctorate degrees,  WorldCare Apex plan may be more appropriate, as it includes out-patient care, as well as coverage for complex and continuing dental care.


Please contact us to find the plan that best suits your needs.



Is an international student health insurance plan a requirement for studying abroad?


It depends.


Some countries do not require international students to have any health plans. However, many countries that are popular destinations for international students will require insurance for visa holders. Many universities today also list insurance as a school requirement. Your host country’s government or school may also need you to purchase insurance from a specific provider.


Regardless of whether your destination school or country requires you to purchase insurance, it’s still best to invest in a student health plan before you study abroad. 



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