Top websites to visit before you move to Singapore

Top websites to visit before you move to Singapore

14th June, 2013

Congratulations on making the decision to move to Singapore! The expats I talk to rate it pretty high in terms of comfort, sophistication, diversity and tolerance, and by all accounts it’s a lively and vibrant place to live. 

Like any new country, it makes sense to find out as much as you can about it before you move. When you’re as well prepared as possible you’re more likely to enjoy a smooth move with fewer shocks and surprises. Here are my top five websites to visit before you go:

1.  Wikipedia

Your first stop for impartial, factual information, Wikipedia covers a broad range of subjects in some detail, including the history of the nation, its government and politics, the geography and the economy. They take a look at the state of Singapore’s foreign relations and military forces, the demographics and religions of the varied population and the languages they use. The Singapore entry also covers the infrastructure, science and technology, education and health, general culture, food, the arts, sports, recreation, media and of course transport.

2.  The Singapore Government website

The site, above, is the government’s official online presence, one of a suite of four portals in total, which cover every aspect of the place. The main site is full of information about the Singapore government itself including news, information, e-resources, events and contact information for public service agencies, run by the government’s Public Communications Division of the Ministry of Communications and Information.

The other three sites are as follows:

It’s worth exploring all the government’s sites because, together, they provide a well-rounded and detailed picture of how things work.

There is also a handy directory of government services, which you can access via computer or smartphone. It’s the best way to find out how to communicate with public service providers and includes a list of ministries, statutory boards, public services and more.

3.  Expat Singapore

Expat Singapore provides a multitude of great expat-specific information as well as a lively forum where you can post specific questions, making it the perfect destination for residents, people thinking about moving to the area and existing expats.

There are literally hundreds of pages of vital information and guidance about every aspect of life in Singapore including ‘before coming’, ‘culture shock’ and ‘expat tips’. There’s a popular message board and an excellent FAQ archive. Plus they even arrange real-life social events to help new arrivals make friends locally and connect with the expat community.

4.   Asia Expat

Asia Expat is a superb resource for tracking down all the everyday things you need when you get there, a comprehensive property portal that goes much further than an ordinary estate agency.

As well as listing smart serviced apartments, share flats, serviced offices and rental apartments, they have teamed up with trusted moving companies. And there’s also a popular advisor forum where you can ask specific questions, get recommendations and advice about services like maids, babysitters and cleaners.

5.  Travel CNN

If you want to reassure yourself that lots of people relocate to Singapore very happily, and stay for a long time, it’s worth taking a look at CNN’s 5 reasons why expats love Singapore, an interview with existing expats. It might be one of the world’s most expensive cities but the easy lifestyle, high levels of safety and security, top quality education system, friendly, multi-cultural nature and the weather make it an extremely popular choice with expats from all over the world.

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