By Laurent de Veyrac | 25 Jun 2024

Now Health International partners with Stride

Discover how our latest brand collaboration is helping our UK members enhance their health and well-being.


I’m delighted to announce that we’ve partnered with Stride to provide an exciting new added value service to our new WorldCare members in the United Kingdom.

For a limited time, individual members residing in the UK who buy one of our WorldCare plans can request a free DNA testing kit from Stride to help them on their health and fitness journey.

How it works

When a member requests a free DNA testing kit, Stride will send it directly to their home.

The member simply needs to follow the instructions within the pack and return a saliva sample to Stride. Stride will then test the saliva sample and return the results to the member, including 162 genetic insights and a precision-personalised DNA report.

The DNA testing results will include valuable insights into the user's nutrition, fitness, mental cognition, skin health predispositions, and much more, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health and wellness.

All results are confidential and not shared with us or any other third parties.

Who is Stride?

Stride is part of Stride, a digital health ecosystem that offers cutting-edge diagnostic testing solutions from its in-house UK laboratory and comprehensive results through its advanced digital platform.

Stride’s DNA testing solution provides personalised and actionable lifestyle recommendations to help aid users’ long-term health and well-being.

What are the benefits of DNA testing?

Healthcare solutions are increasingly becoming more personalised and tailored to individuals’ needs. Thanks to advances in science, technology, testing solutions, and the ability to use data at scale to identify epidemiological trends and patterns, brands like Stride  can offer services that users can be confident are accurate and will provide valuable insights.

In addition to the insights that Stride ' DNA testing can help deliver, there are many other benefits that DNA testing is bringing and will bring to the healthcare landscape in years to come.

These include:

  • Proactive disease risk assessments – DNA testing can identify gene variations linked to an increased risk of developing certain conditions, including heart disease, some cancers, and Alzheimer's disease. With this knowledge, you can discuss any necessary lifestyle changes or preventative measures with your GP. You may even be able to access enhanced screening programmes or other initiatives to minimise the risks to your health.
  • Optimised medication responses – How many times have you taken a pill or received treatment that either hasn't worked or has delivered some pretty nasty side effects? If you know that taking a specific medication is unlikely to work for you, you can avoid the trial and error so often associated with taking medicines for particular conditions and get the solution you need much quicker.
  • Carrier screening – Knowing if you're a carrier of specific gene variations can be crucial for family planning. You can assess the risk of passing on disorders to your children or understand their likelihood of developing certain conditions during their lives and then make an informed decision about whether to start a family.

Why are we partnering with Stride?

At Now Health International, we were one of the first brands in the health insurance industry to transition our focus towards supporting our members' health and well-being on an ongoing basis rather than exclusively being here to cover their medical costs if they become ill.

The foundation of this ethos is Live Healthier, Live Happier, which you'll have seen if you follow us across social media. We recognise the benefits of helping our members stay healthy at all times and want to help them live their best lives.

To help us do that, we must provide both plan benefits and added-value services so our members are empowered to make informed decisions about all aspects of their health and take a proactive approach to maintaining their well-being.

That’s where Stride comes in!

There is no better way to take control of your current and future health than by using DNA testing to understand how you can make lifestyle choices to enhance your well-being. You can read some excellent content online about how to stay healthy and happy, but this is the only way to get insights that are 100% personal to you.

As the health insurance industry continues its pivot towards proactively helping customers manage their health and well-being to prevent rather than cure illness, we're proud to be at the forefront of this evolution and to lead the way in personalising and tailoring our health plans and added-value services.

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Our award-winning WorldCare plans are comprehensive and benefit-rich, and thanks to our collaboration with Stride, WorldCare in the UK just got even better!

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