Top websites to visit before you move to Mumbai

Top websites to visit before you move to Mumbai

6th September, 2013

Previously called Bombay, Mumbai is India’s primary entertainment and commercial center, the capital of the Maharashtra state with the world’s fourth largest population, home to more than twenty million people. 

Mumbai was named an Alpha world city in 2009, acknowledging it as a vital cog in the global commercial and financial system. It is the Indian continent’s wealthiest city. It has the greatest GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of any city in South, West and Central Asia. And its Stock Exchange is the third largest in the world. As such, as you can imagine, it is a popular expat destination.

Here is a collection of useful websites to help you decide whether or not to move to one of the world’s most exciting cities.

Mumbainet is a comprehensive guide to every aspect of the city including the weather, road maps, rail services, the city’s government, street names, eating out, shopping, what’s on, health, business, utilities, night life, exhibitions, events, emergencies, petrol stations and education.

Wikipedia also provides a really good insiders-style guide about the cultural side of life in the city, here.


Mumbai has grown organically over the centuries and its districts tend to retain the character of the people who first populated them. There isn’t a single way to classify them, but the Wikitravel website includes a very useful guide to the districts and how they compare. It looks at who lives there, gives you an idea of relative real estate prices, the personality and attractions of each district.

The site also takes a detailed look at Mumbai’s culture and attitudes, history, climate, travel in and around the city, the languages spoken, telecoms, post an deliveries, radio and TV stations, veterinary services and 24 hour chemists, plus an excellent list of emergency telephone numbers. All of which makes it a top resource for would-be expats.

Aditi Bose talks about Mumbai on the Rediff website

It is always interesting to read a genuine resident’s opinion of their city. Aditi Bose has recently written a fascinating article looking at her personal feelings about Mumbai and what she will miss about the city when she moves to Delhi.

The Guggenheim blog contains another excellent personal article, this time looking at ten things every urbanite should know about the city. It provides eye-opening insights into unusual subjects like the politics of public displays of affection, the city’s unique view on FSR (floor space ratio) and their famous migrating flamingos.

Mumbai education

The Mumbai Education website is a dedicated platform for students and parents. It’s packed with details about the city’s numerous colleges and courses and covers education news updates, exam results and advice from educational professionals. It will help you gain a feel for what’s available in the city whether you want to educate your children there or take courses yourself once you get there.

Wikipedia also comes in handy, with a comprehensive list of schools in Mumbai.

Common Floor

The Common Floor website provides the information you need to get a ‘feel’ for property prices in the city, whether you want to rent or buy, as do, another of India’s premier property portals, and Prime Properties.

Mumbai hospitals

Mumbai has plenty of hospitals. The New India Assurance Company is a government owned multinational general insurance company operating in 22 countries with headquarters in Mumbai. Their list of preferred providers, which the Mumbai Hospital Help website has recently published, is a reliable destination for would-be expats.

The Times of India website is also a good resource, with a wide variety of news articles about healthcare in the city.

Internations Mumbai

You can contact and chat with existing Mumbai expats via the Internations website. Plus there are some special Mumbai Expats communities on Facebook, which is another excellent way to get a genuine flavor of everyday life in the city.

Any recommendations?

Do you have an online resource to recommend to people thinking about moving to Mumbai? If so we would love to hear about it. Why not leave a comment below, or connect with us on Twitter@now_health or on the Now Health Facebook page so we can share them with our readers.

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