Top websites to visit before you move to Hong Kong

Top websites to visit before you move to Hong Kong

13th April, 2013

Hong Kong is one of the planet’s most important financial centres and a popular holiday destination, where towering skyscrapers meet glorious beaches and a stunning subtropical wilderness.  It’s bright, colourful, bustling, businesslike and often very beautiful. But will life in Hong Kong suit you? Here are some useful websites from expats who live there to help you make the right decision. 

The cost of living in Hong Kong

The Numbeo website contains a wealth of fascinating and vital information about the cost of living in Hong Kong.  Alternatively, we have a very useful post on the subject in the blog already!

Careers in Hong Kong

If you’re considering moving to Hong Kong to find work, JobsDB is the main site everyone goes to.

Tax matters in Hong Kong

Visit the Gateway Hong Kong website for advice about the region’s tax system, including a simple table for income tax. And see the HK government revenue website for comprehensive information about salaried tax obligations and general tax information.

Property in Hong Kong

There are lots of sites to help you find a property but the main one is Squarefoot. It will connect you with all the main property agents across HK Island and rest of the SAR.  The key to getting the right apartment is to find an agent who understands your needs.  Once you have found someone who ‘gets you’, they will be able to access almost any property you’re interested, even if it means involving another agent.

Health services in Hong Kong

The HK government website has an excellent guide for the public and private facilities in town.  Alternatively, you can find a downloadable comprehensive list of the Now Health network in Hong Kong on our ‘Where to get care’ page.

Schools in Hong Kong

Accessing school places in Hong Kong is a real hot topic.  There are a number of places and companies help you find a place if you have kids:

Top Schools



Things to do in Hong Kong

There is always something on in this fast-moving city – blink and you’ll miss it!  Here are some links to great guide sites to help you get a feel for the kind of activities you can access:

Sassy Hong Kong

HK Hub

If you’ve got kids, Little Steps and Sassy Mama are also great

Eating and drinking

Hong Kongers love to eat and try new places.  One of the best sources of where’s good is Open Rice.  You’ll find lots of photos of the food on offer as well as honest reviews and marks out of 5 for each place.

Buying or selling

If you arrive in HK and discover that you need to buy or sell something, then AsiaXpat is the place to go.

It’s also a useful source of information if you are considering hiring a domestic helper.

Transport in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong Transport Department website is a great source of information for motorists, pedestrians, passengers, services for people with disabilities and students. You’ll find road safety guides for cycling and motoring, accident statistics, public transport, cross-boundary transport, tunnels and bridges, parking, environmental matters and route planning. There are many modes of transport in Hong Kong from buses and minibuses to trams and taxis.  Here are a few other useful sites:

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