Pre-internet it was much more of a challenge to get the facts you need to make an informed decision to move to a new country. These days life is much easier, with a wealth of excellent information online about every nation on earth.  Here are some top websites you should visit before deciding to move to Dubai.

The city guide website looks at geography of the country, visas, activities, entertainment and attractions, the history, the economy, jobs, Dubai property and more, a very useful general resource. It also contains crucial guidance to work visas in the country.

Schools in Dubai

Which School Advisor has published a list of the 12 best schools in Dubai, handy if you are taking your family with you. The list comes from a report by Dubai’s Knowledge and Human Development Authority, the KHDA, so comes straight from the horse’s mouth. There’s also a comprehensive list of schools in Dubai on Wikipedia.

The cost of living in Dubai

Numbeo is an excellent source of information about how much it costs to live in Dubai. It compares eating out, groceries, transport, utilities, sports and leisure, clothes and shoes, renting and buying somewhere to live plus salaries and financing, for an accurate and detailed overall picture of projected living expenses.

The Time Out website provides 83 ways to save money in Dubai, which gives you all sorts of useful insights into making your funds go further there.

Transport in Dubai

Wikipedia ( a really useful entry about transport in Dubai, as does the Trip Advisor site. And the Autotrader UAE website is a really good place to find out what it costs to buy a car in the country. Time Out Dubai contains vital tips and information about buying  a car in Dubai, from three top industry experts.

Things to do in Dubai

Skyscanner has a special feature about things to do in the country, and there are numerous other sites here you can find out about entertainment and attractions.

Daily life and customs in Dubai

The Encyclopaedia Britannica website includes an excellent piece about daily life and customs in Dubai, also covering a range of fascinating and useful information like the arts, cultural institutions, sports and recreation and media and publishing.

The law in Dubai

That Dubai Site is full of really useful insights into the dos and don’ts of life in Dubai, so you know before you go exactly what’s advisable and what isn’t, and can be appropriately respectful of their customs.

The Best Global Movers website

How much will it cost to relocate to Dubai? Best Global Movers lets you establish the actual cost of moving abroad. You just fill in a simple online form and the site matches you with suitable moving companies, who give you incredibly fast, free quotes based on the size of your move and final destination. Then you compare quotes based on your own priorities.

Do you have any useful advice for people thinking about moving to Dubai? We would love to share your tips. Feel free to leave a comment below, or connect with us on Twitter @now_health.