Health at Hand – Personal health information that’s just a call away

Health at Hand – Personal health information that’s just a call away

25th February, 2012

Taking care of your health can sometimes be a challenge. And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m in the camp of people who don’t always plan ahead. With my busy lifestyle I’m all too guilty of ignoring those little twinges which I should get checked out, simply because of the time it would take to visit a doctor.


That’s why it’s really important to know that for Now Health customers, there’s an excellent service called Health at Hand available to give medical information over the phone. Health at Hand is a clinic-based team of healthcare professionals that operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. The system operates like a first port of call for those non-emergency medical complaints that you’d like to know more about. It’s perfect for someone like me, as I can find out facts from a real-live medical expert without even moving from my desk.

A wide range of professionals on hand

Not only that, but Health at Hand offers access to a dizzying range of professionals, far beyond the scope of that you might find, even at the largest health clinic. Because it’s a telephone service, the team can connect you to seven different clinics, each with their own staff of specialists to best answer your questions. Currently these include:

  1. Family clinic
  2. Care and counselling clinic
  3. Healthy living clinic
  4. Travel clinic
  5. Pills and prescriptions clinic
  6. Women’s health clinic
  7. Men’s health clinic

Within these different sectors at Health at Hand has counsellors, nurses, midwifes and pharmacists on-hand, all able to answer your questions. And with this variety of specialists at your fingertips it’s easy to gather specific information. Where the service really comes into its own is when you have a question you might have forgotten to ask your doctor, or are looking for some medical information which you don’t trust the Internet to provide.

For me, the Health at Hand travel clinic is an invaluable way to find out whether I’m going to need immunisations for a business trip. And whilst they can’t give the jabs over the phone, for some countries no vaccines are necessary, or I’ve had them already. This could save me a trip to the doctors, and gives me peace of mind that I’ve been given specific medical information, rather than trusted my health to a website.

The other clinics are also perfectly placed for relevant advice. Parents will find Health at Hand an invaluable way to check out those childhood concerns which are most likely minor, but they’d rather receive a professional opinion on. Whilst those on medications can check out what the side effects might be, or clarify whether a symptom they’re experiencing could be a side effect. And for male or female specific problems there’s a clinic for each to offer confidential information.

Ongoing support and advice

As well as medical information, Health at Hand can supply you with helpful facts on local health organisations. So you’ll know where to go if it’s suggested you visit a medical centre following your call. They can also send you out printed leaflets and fact sheets specific to the information they give over the phone, so you don’t have to worry about taking notes, or remembering what you’ve been told. And if you’d like a call back at a later date, your professional will happily get in touch to cover off any further questions you might have.

Although the Health at Hand team don’t offer advice, diagnose or claim to take the place of doctors, they can offer accurate up-to-date medical information. This can put your mind at ease, or help you better decide on the next step. It’s a genuinely supportive resource for your health, and for me, it’s become an essential service.

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Alison Massey

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