Finding a hospital in Hong Kong

Finding a hospital in Hong Kong

18th February, 2012

When I first arrived in Hong Kong my taxi drove past an enormous building of white Art Deco curves fronted by leafy palm trees. Was it a local airport I asked, or perhaps a hotel? My driver took great pleasure in explaining to me that it was a hospital, and that in Hong Kong such buildings are taken very seriously.

That was my first introduction to Hong Kong hospitals, and it assured me that if I ever needed one then my health would be in safe hands.


As an expat in any city it makes sense to be aware of your local hospitals. In this post we look at how you can go about finding a hospital in Hong Kong. If you’re moving there soon, you can find out more about becoming an Expat in our free eBook The New Expat.

Private Hospitals for Scheduled Admittance

When it comes to finding a hospital in Hong Kong, your doctor is likely to be your first port of call. If he or she refers you, then you will need to check your insurance policy to see what’s included in your cover. You may be expected to pay extra depending on the facilities you choose on admission.

Hong Kong has twelve private hospitals accredited and surveyed by the international Trent Accreditation Scheme (TAS). Your doctor will be able to advise which is the best choice for the treatment you need. Depending on your health insurance you may be required to put down a deposit when you arrive at the hospital, which will vary according to the kind of room you choose.

A semi-private room (two bed ward) for example, requires a deposit ranging from HK$15,000-$20,000, varying in accordance with the accommodation facilities of the hospital. This is where a good insurance policy can make a big difference to your experience. Better policies can issue a letter of guarantee to the hospital before you arrive to spare you having to place a deposit.

Standards of private hospitals in Hong Kong

Private hospitals are all of a similar high standard, though there are some differences. If finding a hospital in Hong Kong with accommodation comparable with a three-star hotel is your aim, then the Matilda International Hospital offers fully private rooms with en-suite alongside twin or standard rooms. In comparison, Hong Kong Central Hospital is a non-profit organisation (thought still private) and single rooms are more basic. Whilst Hong Kong Sanatorium is well known for comfortable accommodation and flexibility – patients choose their own doctors and consultation times.

Hong Kong Central Public Hospitals

If you’re admitted in an emergency then Hong Kong Central has around fifteen hospitals for local and emergency treatment. In this instance Queen Mary Hospital near the Hong Kong peaks is where you will most likely be taken. This is the flagship teaching hospital for the city. The standard of medical care is excellent, providing general medical and surgical services and it’s the main referral centre for the entire island conurbation of the wider city.

In an emergency admission you won’t be charged immediately, but the hospital will bill you at a later date, allowing you to settle this cost with your insurance.

More on finding a hospital in Hong Kong
For more detailed information about finding a hospital in Hong Kong, it’s worth looking at these websites:

Matilda International Hospital:
Hong Kong Central Hospital: 
Hong Kong Sanatorium and Hospital:

For more information around making the move abroad, don’t forget to download our free eBook The New Expat which covers other medical considerations, family matters, accommodation issues, financial arrangements and much more.

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