Boost workplace performance with simple Ayurvedic practises

Boost workplace performance with simple Ayurvedic practises

25th July, 2017

Ayurveda is one of the oldest holistic healing systems in the world and is based around the fundamental principle that body and mind are inextricably connected. Ayurvedic practitioners believe that nothing is more powerful than the mind, and that it has the power to transform and heal the body. The good news is you don’t need to spend hours practising Ayurveda in order to benefit from it, as there are small changes you can make based on this ancient practice that will help you to perform more productively in the workplace. So, let’s take a look…

Keep a journal

First and foremost, keeping a journal is a great way to harness those sparks of gratitude, creativity, and inspiration. Every time you go to bed, review your past journal entry and add a new one. If you are feeling stressed about something at work, write down three things that you are looking forward to about the next day. This will enable you to focus your energy on the things that make you feel good.

Massage your hands with sesame oil

Take a miniature, travel-sized bottle of sesame oil to work with you every day so you can give yourself a massage, known as Abhyanga in Ayurvedic teachings.

Although Abhyanga tends to be performed on the entire body, this can be adapted to suit your day-to-day life. Of course, you can have a whole body massage in the morning or incorporate it as part of your bedtime routine. However, when it comes to your work life, simply take a bottle of sesame oil with you so that you can give yourself a quick hand massage at your desk. Pour a small quantity of the oil into your palm, and then massage your knuckles, fingers, palms, and wrists by using a circular motion.

Eat a seasonal lunch

One way to ensure you feel your best in the workplace is to eat a hearty, seasonal lunch. Ayurveda teaches us that lunch should be our main meal of the day. This is because our digestion is in alignment with the sun, which is at its strongest at midday. So when preparing your lunch, make sure you have enough to keep you fuelled until dinnertime.

What sort of things should you be eating? It is wise to eat with the seasons in order to stay balanced, so see what fruit and veg is seasonal where you live at this time of year.

Go for a walk

If you have had a stressful meeting or feel overwhelmed at work, take time to go for a walk to help calm you. Walking meditation is one of the most basic yet effective Ayurvedic practices, as it encourages circulation while quieting the mind.

Take some comfortable trainers with you to work for this purpose and, if possible, choose a route that is near trees – such as a park or woods. This is because trees release phytoncides, which help lower our nervous system response, as well as our sympathetic system response, blood pressure, cortisol, and adrenaline.

Lemon Water

Ayurveda teachings focus around cleaning out our system properly, so you should start the day with a warm cup of lemon water as soon as you wake up. Lemon water is beneficial because it will gently stimulate your digestive tract while also giving you an amazing boost of Vitamin C. If you don’t have a lot of time in the morning, keep a supply of lemons at work so you can prepare it there. Simply cut off a chunk and squeeze it into some hot water. 

The many and varied benefits of lemon water include:

  • It helps to fight viral infections
  • It helps to cut out caffeine
  • It gives you an energy boost
  • It reduces inflammation
  • It helps you to lose weight
  • It keeps your skin blemish-free
  • It freshens your breath
  • It cleanses your system
  • It aids digestion
  • It is an exceptional source of potassium
  • It gives your immune system a boost

Drink water properly throughout the day

You probably don’t need us to tell you that it is important to drink water throughout the day while you;re at work. However, it is vital to drink water in the right way. Simply chugging a bottle of water at lunchtime is not ideal.

According to Ayurveda, you should drink water that is either room temperature or warm, as opposed to iced water, and it is better to take small regular sips, instead of drinking large quantities in one go.

It’s a good idea to take a reusable water bottle to work and carry it with you throughout the day. This makes sense from an environmental and economic viewpoint, and it makes it easier for you to get the hydration you need.

So there you have it; some of the top ways to boost workplace performance with Ayurvedic practices. A few small changes can go a long way. 

Alison Massey

Group Marketing Director

Now Health International

Alison Massey is a 15-year digital marketing veteran, who has spent the last seven years using social media to help expats and soon to be expats find out what to expect from a life overseas. An expat living in Hong Kong herself, Alison is the Group Marketing Director of Now Health, the award-winning international health insurance provider.

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