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Welcome to the Now Health Community!  We've created a huge repository of original and useful information about the locations our customers live in, what it's like to buy and use international health insurance as well as vital information from our own customers on what it's like to be an expat.

If you're thinking of making a move overseas, just landed in a new country or want to find out more about international health insurance, you're in the right place!


Now Health International has 12 offices all around the world.  Our people are a varied mix of those who are expats and know what it's like to live outside of their home country and the challenges it presents, to those who understand their local market inside out.  It's the perfect mix for an international health insurance provider.  

We understand how important it is to have the right information before you move somewhere new or need to buy a global healthcare plan that suits you - we've been there ourselves!

Now Health is a specialist international health insurance provider.
Because we do one thing, our staff are experts in local markets and global health cover.

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Latest News

New Product and Creative Services' Launch Ceremony

Photos from our 'Reach Now, Health Rich - New Product and Creative Services' Launch Ceremony. 23rd November 2016 - Shanghai

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Now Health International & Best Doctors Insurance announce partnership with Reinsurance Group of America

Now Health International/Best Doctors Insurance Group announce a Worldwide, Multi-Year Reinsurance Partnership with Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated.

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RSA and Now Health partner to launch leading international health insurance services in the UAE

RSA Insurance, a leading provider of insurance services in the region, announced today that they will be launching an international health insurance proposition in partnership with Now Health International as the post-sale administrator of plans within the UAE.

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Latest Blogs

The difference between good and bad pain when working out

“Feel the burn” is a phrase that a lot of fitness instructors like to use, as is “no pain, no gain.” However, knowing the difference between good and bad pain when working out is of paramount importance.

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As doubts are raised over the benefits of flossing, how else can you keep your teeth healthy?

Flossing has long been considered a method to use to keep your teeth healthy. However, over the years, there has been more and more doubt cast over the effectiveness of this approach.

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Staying healthy while on holiday

There is nothing worse than getting back from a vacation to discover you have put on a stone in weight! From ice creams to cocktails, it is so easily done. However, it is important to stay healthy while on vacation. This does not mean you have to follow a strict exercise and healthy eating plan, but we have put together a few tips that will ensure you stay healthy during your holiday.

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