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Welcome to the Now Health Community!  We've created a huge repository of original and useful information about the locations our customers live in, what it's like to buy and use international health insurance as well as vital information from our own customers on what it's like to be an expat.

If you're thinking of making a move overseas, just landed in a new country or want to find out more about international health insurance, you're in the right place!


Now Health International has 12 offices all around the world.  Our people are a varied mix of those who are expats and know what it's like to live outside of their home country and the challenges it presents, to those who understand their local market inside out.  It's the perfect mix for an international health insurance provider.  

We understand how important it is to have the right information before you move somewhere new or need to buy a global healthcare plan that suits you - we've been there ourselves!

Now Health is a specialist international health insurance provider.
Because we do one thing, our staff are experts in local markets and global health cover.

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Latest News

Now Health International & Best Doctors Insurance announce partnership with Reinsurance Group of America

Now Health International/Best Doctors Insurance Group announce a Worldwide, Multi-Year Reinsurance Partnership with Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated.

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RSA and Now Health partner to launch leading international health insurance services in the UAE

RSA Insurance, a leading provider of insurance services in the region, announced today that they will be launching an international health insurance proposition in partnership with Now Health International as the post-sale administrator of plans within the UAE.

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Zika Virus Infection: Overview and Status Update

Zika virus infection is a mosquito-borne viral illness caused by the Zika virus. It was identified in humans in 1952 in Uganda and Tanzania. Outbreaks of Zika virus infection have occurred in Africa, Southeast Asia, and the Pacific Islands. There is currently an ongoing Zika virus outbreak in the Americas.

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Latest Blogs

Ways to Stay Healthy While Working from Home

An increasing number of people work from home, as technological advances have made remote working an attractive proposition for both the employee and employer. However, while working from home has many perks, it is not without its difficulties.

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How to stay motivated while trying to lose weight

One of the most difficult things about trying to lose weight is staying motivated. We all have challenging days during diets, and it is important to know some techniques that you can use to overcome them. The first few weeks are often the hardest, and once you get through this, you should find it a lot easier. With that being said, read on for some top tips on how to stay motivated while trying to lose weight.

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What do you need to consider before moving to Thailand?

Are you thinking of moving to Thailand? Perhaps the Thai culture and warm climate has tempted you? Maybe you want to capitalise on the low cost of living?

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