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"The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." For students preparing to study abroad, the prospect of being away from one's home country and living in a different environment can be daunting. The stress of studying overseas may also take a toll on one's health.


International student health insurance from Now Health UAE offers students studying abroad a safety net when it comes to their healthcare needs. Having insurance coverage is one of the most important requirements for many universities that accept international students. Make sure your health plans are compliant with the school and host country's regulations.


International Health Insurance Plans for Students Abroad


As more and more students travel overseas for their studies, they're also required to adhere to specific student medical regulations of their host country and their chosen school.


The United Arab Emirates has a healthy population of international students who are the children of expatriates living and working in the Emirates. In fact, the UAE has the highest number of international schools worldwide, second to China. There are approximately 600 international schools with over 627,000 enrolled students in the UAE last January 2018, according to the World Education News + Reviews website.


In terms of higher education, there's growing interest from international students to study in the UAE, the number increasing from 48,653 in 2011 to 77,463 in 2016, according to UNESCO data. Aside from the country's excellent universities such as the United Arab Emirates University and the University of Sharjah, more international institutions are setting up satellite campuses in the UAE. These include New York University, the American University, Sorbonne-Université, the Rochester Institute of Technology and the Swiss École Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne, among others.


There's also a growing number of students from the Emirates who are going abroad to pursue their education. Data from UNESCO shows that more than 11,500 Emirati students were enrolled in degree programs abroad in 2017. Among the most popular destinations for students coming from the UAE are the United States, the United Kingdom and Europe.


International students from the Emirates who are taking up studies in Schengen visa countries must follow the visa insurance requirements of the concerned host country. More often than not, these include travel insurance that allows for mobility within the entire Schengen region for the duration of the student's course of study. Each Schengen country requires the prospective international student to have a valid international student insurance plan to obtain a student visa.


What Kind of Student Health Insurance Plan Should You Get?


Studying abroad, especially in tertiary institutions, requires some strategic long-term planning in terms of finances. There are many factors to consider in order for students to purchase the most suitable student health insurance plan for their needs.


With student budgets in mind, Now Health UAE's international health plans offer affordability without sacrificing quality medical coverage. The SimpleCare CORE plan provides necessary in-patient and day-patient care to lower medical expenses. For more coverage, the SimpleCare 250 adds out-patient coverage plus routine and complex dental treatments.


Those who want coverage for more health contingencies may choose from any of the WorldCare plans that include in-patient and day-patient care, including hospitalization and surgery. Additional benefit options may also be selected such as routine and complex dental treatment, routine maternity care, wellness and optical check-ups, and vaccinations.


Foreign students also need to think about contingencies such as the possibility of requiring emergency medical evacuation to the nearest medical facility if there's a serious illness or accident, or even the repatriation of remains to their home country.


 More importantly, Now Health UAE has its own preferred provider organization (PPO) network of medical facilities and professionals, including hospitals, clinics and practitioners worldwide. Students can download the Now Health mobile app to access the network, file a claim for reimbursement, or view the details of their plan. For 24/7 help, the global customer service team is always ready to answer questions and concerns. 



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