If you are in doubt about any benefit that may need pre-authorisation, please refer to the list below, request a callback or call us direct.

  • All in-Patient treatment
  • All pre-planned day-patient treatment
  • All pre-planned surgery
  • Diagnostic tests – positron emission tomography (PET) scans
  • In-patient psychiatric treatment
  • Evacuation and repatriation
  • Mortal remains
  • Physiotherapy for the Excel and Apex plan options after the first 10 sessions
  • Nursing care at home
  • AIDS
  • USA elective treatment


If you have a client who needs to get pre-authorisation for treatment

You can download our any of our pre-authorisation forms from here. Choose the right form by checking the customer's membership member, which can be found on their membership card.


For WorldCare Clients

Membership number starting SG: Download this form.


For SimpleCare Clients

Membership number starting SG: Download this form.


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