Group Health Insurance



Employees bring skills, talents, and experience to businesses. In return, companies can provide growth, stability, opportunity and a host of other benefits to attract newcomers as well as retain essential staff. Having a group health insurance plan in place for your business and as part of the employment, the package is a crucial element in helping companies win new talents in the competitive talent market.


Providing Group Medical Insurance


Group health insurance provides health coverage to a group of people within an organization, whether it's a small business, small to medium enterprises (SMEs), or companies with large numbers of staff. More often than not, employers or employee organizations purchase group health plans as part of their employees' benefits package to provide a uniform level of insurance coverage. 


In a group insurance plan, the employer and employee usually share the costs of the medical insurance policy by contributing a specific amount for the duration of the plan. This makes it more affordable for the employees to avail of wider health coverage as opposed to having an individual plan with only limited coverage and higher monthly premiums in order to fit their budgets.


Expats who plan on living and working in Singapore will be happy to know that the country has a universal healthcare system. Everyone is provided with basic health coverage via the country's mandatory social security system that has a required savings scheme called Medisave specifically for medical coverage. The United States' Affordable Care Act, which was initiated by the Obama administration, has the same objective which is to provide health insurance to those who didn't have one before.


However, the Medisave scheme is only available to Singaporean citizens and those who have acquired Singaporean permanent residency. Many companies in Singapore opt to provide their employees with expanded medical coverage by having a private group health insurance policy in place.


Now Health Singapore carries a wide variety of health insurance plans that cover in-patient and day-patient treatments, including basic dental care, as well as more extensive coverage that may include vaccinations, maternity benefits and more.



Better Health Translates to Productivity


Companies who take employee health and wellbeing seriously know that this also affects employee productivity. Some companies go as far as to also offer group personal accident coverage or even group life insurance aside from group health insurance plans, especially for staff that undertakes extensive travel or have physically demanding work.


Unlike individual plans from other health insurance companies where premiums increase based on the plan holder's pre-existing conditions, group health plans are considered "guaranteed issue," meaning uniform coverage is given to all group members enrolled in the plan despite their current health status. Coverage provided by group insurance plans may vary depending on the type of plans that companies or business owners choose.


With Now Health Singapore, their WorldCare group insurance plans include the Essential plan that offers the necessary medical coverage as well as additional options, depending on the employers' prerogative. These may include co-insurance payments for out-patient or day-patient treatments, to name a few.


For comprehensive coverage, there's the WorldCare Apex group insurance with benefits for in-patient and day-patient care, basic and more complex dental treatment, and maternity care. Extras may include deductibles, vaccinations, optical and wellness services.


Small businesses may choose to go with the more affordable Now Health Singapore's SimpleCare group plans instead that cover some of the most common in-patient treatments, such as hospitalization or surgery, or maternity and dental care for extended coverage.


Regardless of whatever plan you choose with Now Health Singapore, we've got you covered and cared for. 



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