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Studies have shown that providing health coverage is one of the most effective ways to attract top talent and maintain long-term employee loyalty. By enrolling staff in a group health plan, employers enjoy lower staff turnover, which in turn also improves individual health, generates higher productivity and motivation among employees. Now Health Indonesia's group health insurance works with business owners and employee organizations to provide topnotch medical cover and protection for valuable human resources.


Working in Indonesia


Indonesia's adoption of a universal healthcare system in 2014 comes with the goal of providing the necessary medical coverage for its 261 million citizens, and giving everyone access to health care and medical services without the prohibitive costs and minimizing the incidence of out-of-pocket care expenses.


The government stipulates that all foreigners working or living in Indonesia must possess have health insurance coverage provided by a local company established under Indonesian laws that sells health insurance products. If you're living or moving to Indonesia on a KITAS (Kartu Izin Tinggal Terbatas) work visa or KITAS retirement visa, you need to subscribe to a local health insurance policy.

For companies, group health insurance provides a valuable benefit to their employees and makes it tax-efficient for both employer and employee. Employers benefit as group health insurance premiums are considered deductible expenses and therefore tax-free. For employees, they reap the same benefit as payments related to insurance such as health, accident, life or education are non-taxable.


Your Benefits, Protection, and Coverage


Group health insurance plans offered by Now Health Indonesia are in full compliance with Indonesia's laws. Now Health works with Indonesian company PT Asuransi Sompo Japan Nipponkoa Indonesia (SJNKI) for underwriting their health insurance products. Expatriates and Indonesian nationals may buy Now Health Indonesia's international private medical insurance which are the SimpleCare and WorldCare plans


The SimpleCare and WorldCare plans include various benefits and plan limits to give employees and business owners a range of choices that are mutually beneficial for both. For Indonesian residents, the SimpleCare CORE plan offers essential health care coverage such as out-patient and day-patient care at affordable price points. Higher plans limits, such as those under SimpleCare 100 and SimpleCare 250, come with additional benefits that increase the level of cover.


On the other hand, the WorldCare plans are highly suitable for expat individuals and families as these offers more robust coverage, which includes routine complex and dental treatment, maternity care, reimbursement for out-patient surgery, and co-payment options to minimize medical expenses.


All WorldCare plans include the additional benefit of evacuation and repatriation. Indonesia's extensive land area means many areas remain remote and with poor access to medical facilities in case of emergencies. WorldCare plan holders may request assistance for emergency evacuation to the nearest hospital in any of Indonesia's major cities, or to another country equipped with the necessary medical facilities to deal with the major medical event.



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