Find a medical provider

Find a medical provider


You can seek treatment in any WHO approved medical provider, however, if you want to use our cashless service, read on to find out how to use it.



Now it’s even easier to find a medical provider in just 4 simple steps using the tool below:

  1. Select your location
  2. Select your medical provider network (depending on your plan*)
  3. Select the type of treatment and service you need
  4. Hit 'Search' and your results will be shown below, including address and contact details

This shows you all the facilities in our network within a 20 km radius of your location/search point.


Click here to access the USA Elective network

Direct Billing 

If you have access to our direct billing network, you can use this tool to ensure you are accessing a medical provider within our network, to help limit any medical expenses you need to pay.

You will have access to our direct billing network for outpatient treatment if your plan includes:

  • Out-patient benefits with a nil excess/deductible OR
  • Out-patient direct billing option

In-Patient Treatment

You can also use this tool to book in or day-patient hospital treatment. But remember to contact us first so we can arrange a guarantee of payment, so you don’t have to pay upfront.

Smartphone App

Don't forget you can also search for a medical provider using our smartphone App for iPhone or Android.

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