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Our approach to underwriting is designed to provide a clear and fair experience for all our members.

Every individual plan we issue is based on a full medical underwriting approach. We ask detailed questions about each person’s medical history before issuing a plan. This means we only have to ask for this information once, at the time of application, and each person knows exactly what they’re covered for.

We take the same approach for company plans with under 10 members.

For companies that want to cover 10 or more people, we may be able to offer a plan on a ‘medical history disregarded’ basis and so won’t require them to provide detailed information about their employees up front.

We also have the option to offer cover on continuous transfer terms whereby we may be able to carry across any underwriting terms or exclusions (given by your existing insurer) to a Now Health plan.

Our underwriting partners

We have a number of strategic relationships with companies worldwide who underwrite our plans: 

Our underwriting partners


AXA General Insurance Hong Kong Limited is a member of the AXA Group, a world leader in financial protection. It provides a comprehensive range of general and health insurance products for individual customers as well as commercial clients.

With over 170 years' experience in Asia, AXA General is one of the top general insurers in Hong Kong and a market leader in motor insurance. It has expertise in personal, business and health insurance, with a wide range of SMART products in the motor, home, travel, domestic helper, personal accident, health, office and shop, and other general insurance solutions in marine, engineering, employee compensation, liability, and corporate insurance.





Financially strong, reliable and well-respected, API is one of the leading property and casualty providers in China.

Its products include property loss insurance, accident insurance, and health insurance, which it supplies to individuals, families, and businesses nationwide.


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