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What is the best way to attract and retain high-caliber talent? Having an excellent team makes a crucial difference to the success of your business. By offering essential medical coverage as a key employee benefit, organizations promote a sense of belonging among their talents and lift morale in the workplace. Now Health Hong Kong helps local and global enterprises provide their Hong Kong-based staff the necessary health care coverage with tailor-made group health insurance plans that have their medical needs and those of their dependents in mind. With the right group health insurance, employees are motivated and encouraged to maintain their competitive edge.


Employee Health is an Asset


Known as a global financial hub, Hong Kong is home to a large number of multinational companies in the finance industry such as banks, investment organizations, wealth management, and insurance among others. Due to its strategic location in East Asia, Hong Kong's shipping industry is also one of the biggest contributors to its economy. These, along with the education, retail and information technology sectors, attract a high number of expatriates to create a diverse and highly competitive workforce.


The work culture in Hong Kong is described as fast-paced and long hours during working days are not uncommon. Most private companies, both local and international, provide a host of benefits to their employees in compliance with the labor laws of Hong Kong. These may include accident or life insurance as well as medical insurance to their employees as part of their long-term employee benefits. These are usually obtained from local health insurers in Hong Kong. Depending on your organization or your expatriate benefits package, coverage for employees' medical insurance plans may be geographically limited to Hong Kong, especially if these are provided by local insurance companies.


Safeguarding Employees' Health and Wellness


Now Health Hong Kong's selection of group medical plans is designed to deliver optimum benefits to employees while keeping premiums affordable for employers and business owners by offering coverage at different price points.


Now Health works closely with employers and employee organizations to create tailor-made group health insurance plans that maximize medical coverage for staff and their dependents. SimpleCare plans are popular among smaller organizations, such as SMEs, as these plans include coverage for common in-patient and out-patient treatments like hospitalization, or reimbursements for minor surgical expenses.


For organizations with a large number of staff, the WorldCare plans offer more robust coverage, with varying levels of cover to help employees with any high medical costs incurred for major medical events. Additions to the benefit plan schedule may include in-patient and day-patient care, routine maternity care and complex dental treatments.


Companies may also choose to avail of co-payment schemes, deductibles for certain treatments or full underwriting for pre-existing conditions. Other optional add-ons include health, wellness, and optical check-ups, and emergency medical evacuation and repatriation. 


All the different types of SimpleCare and WorldCare group medical plans are available online, and getting a quote online is quite easy and convenient. The company strictly adheres to the terms and conditions of Hong Kong's privacy laws, and thus any personal information or personal data you submit for your quotation is treated as highly confidential and is always accompanied by an information collection statement.


As Now Health group health plan members, your organization and staff are immediately given access to Now Health's extensive list of affiliated network doctors that are part of its provider network. This network includes a combined out-patient and in-patient facilities comprising 2,200 hospitals, clinics and medical professionals in Hong Kong, Macau and China, and more in the rest of Asia such as Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia; in Europe and in the United Kingdom; and in the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East. 



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