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International organizations know that high-performing staff contributes greatly to the company's success. By giving the employees of a company access to reliable health coverage with high-quality group health insurance and the right benefits, businesses can continue to attract top talent while also retaining their best people. Now Health UK is committed to providing global organizations comprehensive group medical insurance that matches their employees' health care requirements.


The Benefits of Having a Group Health Insurance Plan


Similar to other types of insurance that provide protection to company assets and property, a group health insurance plan also looks after your human assets. Availing of insurance coverage from a highly reputable health insurance company ensures that the individual health of your employees is taken care of.


Employers or business owners can obtain an insurance quote for a corporate health insurance plan suitable for the number of staff they have. Depending on the organizational structure, an employer may choose to shoulder the costs of the employee health plans. In most situations, both employer and employees pay the costs of the group health plan. In some cases, employee organizations can choose to purchase their own group medical insurance from their preferred insurance companies and accompanying benefit plans, with members of the group contributing an equal amount for the duration of the coverage to keep medical costs more affordable.


For expatriate employees working in the UK, they may be entitled to basic healthcare coverage provided the National Health Services (NHS). Sharing some similarities with the United States' Affordable Care Act that was introduced by the Obama administration, the mission of the NHS is to provide comprehensive, affordable and universal healthcare coverage for people who are ordinarily resident in the UK. The basic healthcare services provided by the NHS can be supplemented by a group plan to provide comprehensive coverage.


Affordable and Extensive Coverage


Now Health UK's offers a wide range of insurance plans that allow both employers and member employees the choice to tailor the level of coverage they want and the different types of benefits they need in order to keep medical costs low and monthly premiums affordable.


For smaller organizations, the SimpleCare group plans include coverage for common in-patient and out-patient treatments like hospitalization or basic surgical procedures.


On the other hand, the more robust WorldCare plans offer more options such as in-patient and day-patient care, routine maternity care, complex dental treatments, as well as co-payment options, deductibles and even full underwriting for pre-existing conditions regardless of medical history. Such benefits are useful as dental services are not fully covered under the NHS. Emergency dental treatments, examinations and diagnoses like X-rays, fillings or dental crown fittings may require payment.


During your stay in the UK, there may be situations where you may be asked to pay for in-patient or day-patient treatment. A quick call or email to Now Health UK's international customer services team to ask about your plan coverage can put your mind at ease immediately. Having the Now Health mobile app in your smartphone is also a convenient way of finding a Now Health medical provider in the UK or Europe to get the treatment you need.




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