SimpleCare FAQ For Brokers

SimpleCare FAQ For Brokers

We’ve launched SimpleCare in response to feedback from brokers. This new product provides an affordable international health insurance plan for your cost-conscious clients – it’s ideal for those that are on a budget but still want access to the best quality medical care. It is particularly designed for expats on local employment contracts as well as upper-affluent local nationals.

Customers who buy this plan will get:

  • Access to top-quality medical care that won’t break the bank
  • Comprehensive cover for all major health events, including hospitalization, surgery and cancer treatment
  • Regional coverage options for those that don’t need worldwide cover
  • Completely digital plan, with easy to use online tools
  • The great standard of service that Now Health International is known for

Yes, SimpleCare is available for Individual, Family and Group business. 

The product is now available in all of our key markets, excluding mainland China.

We offer three levels of cover with our SimpleCare plans, so your clients can choose the most suitable cover for them. 

SimpleCare Core: In-Patient only

SimpleCare 100: In-Patient, plus low levels of Out-Patient cover

SimpleCare 250: In-Patient, plus medium levels of Out-Patient cover, including dental

Please note SimpleCare 250 is only available for Group plans in the UAE.

Individuals and Families: No, our SimpleCare plans do not include maternity cover or cover for pregnancy and childbirth medical conditions. Members seeking a more comprehensive plan with maternity cover could consider one of our WorldCare plans instead.

Groups: Low to medium levels of maternity cover is available for Groups (10+ employees) with our SimpleCare 100 and SimpleCare 250 plans only, with a waiting period of 12 months. Groups seeking a more comprehensive plan with higher levels of maternity cover could consider one of our WorldCare plans instead.

In-Patient Treatment: Yes, direct billing is available for In-Patient treatment only.

Out-Patient Treatment: Direct billing is not available for Out-Patient treatment. Members must pay and claim back online via our digital tools.

*Out-Patient direct billing is available within our SimpleCare UAE network in the UAE only.

In-Patient Treatment: Yes, treatment pre-authorisation is mandatory for all In-Patient treatment. 

Out-Patient Treatment: Treatment pre-authorisation is not mandatory. Out-Patient treatment is only available on a pay and reimbursement basis. 

No. SimpleCare plans do not include coverage for the USA. Clients looking for USA coverage could consider one of our WorldCare plans instead.

There are eight different annual deductible options available. These apply to In, Day and Out-Patient treatment.

  • Nil
  • USD150/EUR 120/ GBP 95
  • USD250/EUR 200/ GBP 155
  • USD 500 /EUR 400/GBP 310 (Default)
  • USD1,000/EUR 800/ GBP 625
  • USD 2,500/EUR 2,000/ GBP 1,550
  • USD 5,000/ EUR 4,000/ GBP 3,125
  • USD 10,000/ EUR 8,000/GBP 6,250 
  • USD 15,000/ EUR 12,000/GBP 9,375 

*The two highest Annual Deductibles are only available when SimpleCare is purchased as a Secondary Health Insurance Plan. Annual Deductibles are not available in the UAE. 

Yes, Individual and Family members with SimpleCare plans are eligible for our No Claims Discount (NCD). We offer a 10% NCD for members with one year of no claims and a 15% discount for two consecutive years of no claims.  

*Members cannot access both the No Claims Discount and Family Discount. They will receive whichever is greater of the two discounts. 

Yes, families with SimpleCare plans are eligible for our 10% Family Discount. A family plan consists of the primary insured, spouse and at least one child. All members must be on the same plan and benefits to qualify. 

*Members cannot access both the No Claims Discount and Family Discount. They will receive whichever is greater of the two discounts. 

That's great news! Please contact our Sales Team who will be happy to assist. 

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