Upgraded secure online portfolio launched with new claims feature

15 Jun 2017

Now Health International has recently upgraded our secure online portfolio to make it even easier and faster for our customers to access their international health insurance plan, including a new feature to enable members to submit claims online in just a few simple clicks.

At Now Health International, we’re committed to offering a simple and accessible approach to international health insurance. Our enhanced secure online portfolio is just one of the many ways we are working to make things easier for our customers, so they can manage their health insurance and get the care they need, even when on the move.

For the first time, customers can use now use our secure online portfolio to submit claims, in addition to submitting claims via our Mobile App – making it simpler for members to manage their claims, anytime, anywhere. We take our commitment to process claims within five working days seriously, which is why our members can also use the online portfolio to track claims in real time, and see when payments have been made.

We’ve recently upgraded our online tools to enable members to search for a medical provider in our network, including making it easier to book appointments and get directions to the nearest specialist. This feature is now available via our secure online portfolio, website and Mobile App, to ensure customers can access the best care when they need it most.

To provide reassurance to our customers about what they’re covered for, the upgraded portfolio also provides a simple snapshot of each member’s plan, including a complete overview of their benefit limits and how much they’ve claimed to date.

As well as submitting claims via the secure online portfolio, our members can also request treatment pre-authorisation online before seeking in-patient, hospital treatment - helping ensure they don’t need to pay up front.  We’ve also made it easier for customers to request a new membership card or introduce us to their favourite medical provider.

Other great new features include new management information for our corporate customers, so Group administrators can better manage their employee’s health insurance needs, including adding and editing their Group members online. We’ve also added a Simplified Chinese language toggle to meet the needs of our growing base of Chinese speaking customers, and the online portfolio is now optimised for desktop, smartphone and tablet, so members can log in when on the move.

Watch our Explainer Videos below to learn more about the great new features of our enhanced secure online portfolio.

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