Now Health launches new online service for intermediaries

17 Feb 2014

17 February 2014

Now Health International, the international health insurance provider today announces their new Intermediaries Online web service – a fast and secure way for intermediaries to get quotes and buy online on behalf of customers.

The new service provides intermediaries with the ability to, for individual customers:

- Get multiple quotes

- Save and edit quotes

- Download pre-filled application forms

- Access our shortened set of three underwriting questions for online applications

- Buy on behalf of clients, if agents have the authority to use their credit card details

For SMEs, there is also a quote tool that provides:

- Access to Now Health's full medical underwriting rates

- The ability to generate and save multiple quotes

- Downloadable pre-filled application forms

- A membership list upload facility

In addition to providing immediate access to agents’ quotes online, Intermediaries Online also provides each agent with their own dedicated URL they can use to generate commission remotely.  Using cookie technology, each URL allocates automatic commission and can be used:

- To generate applications from the agent’s own website

- To send to a client to complete a sale themselves

- For use in email campaigns to potential customers

Now Health has also created an easy to follow online user guide that shows agents how to use Intermediaries Online.  In addition to the demo video, there are a number of tools to help agents use Intermediaries Online:

- Display advertising to use on websites

- Co-branded emails to generate commission from an existing customer base

- Presentation material

If you have any questions about the new service, click on one of the contact buttons at the top of the page.