Now Health gets 'Product of the Month' accolade by Health Insurance magazine

16 Feb 2011

16 Feb 2011

Now Health's WorldCare Apex plan has been awarded the prestigious 'Product of the Month' accolade by UK-based industry magazine, Health Insurance.

Scoring us 8 out of 10, they highlighted our expertise in the international health insurance market, the range of products on offer and our fast claims service.

Martin Garcia, CEO commented: “This is excellent news. We understand that customers see us as an unknown at this stage, so we are delighted to have independent recognition of our experience in the market.

We have taken our 65 years of combined management team experience to develop what we think is a market-beating proposition. What we deliver to customers is a comprehensive offering which one should expect from a new provider.  Where we differ is the offer of a full online solution so customers can go paper-free and a tangible set of service standards so it's simple and easy to buy, claim and renew. We don't know of anyone else doing that in this market to the level that we do."