Now Health delivers service promise

17 Dec 2012

17 December 2012

One of Now Health's core differentiators is its unique service promise.  It sets out to lead the way in delivering top class service for the international health insurance market.

As part of its recently completed 12-month review of core turnaround times, the results are as follows.

Now Health's key turnaround times centre around three main areas:

- claims processing i.e. adjudication
- placing guarantees of payment, and
- fulfilling plan documents

Here are the results of our average turnaround times for the period November 2011 to October 2012*:

Eligible claims processed in five working days.
Actual - claims under USD 500 per medical condition: four working days, claims over USD 500 per medical condition: three working days

Guarantees of payment placed within two working days.
Actual - two working days

Plan documents dispatched by post within five working days.
Actual - individual plans: one working day, company plans: two working days

Membership cards dispatched within two working days.
Actual - individual plans: one working day, company plans: one working day

Clearly, this is an excellent result and after nearly two years of trading and with over 10,000 clients on our books, Now Health is demonstrating that it can deliver top class service on a scaleable level.

To talk to Now Health about its service or plans, click on the call back request or chat buttons.

* Please note that data from the newly-launched China operation is not included in this review.