Now Health announces 5% discount in six-month campaign

14 Sep 2011

30 May 2012

Now Health International, the global medical insurance provider announces today an extension to their inntroductory discount for individuals and families, offering 5% off all existing and new individual quotations.

The campaign, which applies to individuals and family business and for new business written on a full medical underwriting basis only, has been extended until the end of July 2012.

The discount covers all new quotations and customers can also apply for the new terms on existing quotations that have not yet been taken up.

Now Health, with offices based in Hong Kong, Dubai and the UK, is taking advantage of its flexible pricing and underwriting infrastructure to encourage more individuals and their families to experience the many advantages of insuring with Now Health.

All Online quotations include the Discount Automatically so there is no need to Take Action to any get it. Get a quote from our  website  or contact your intermediary.