New Broker Quote Tool

30 Oct 2017

Following the launch of our enhanced WorldCare earlier this year, we’ve developed a new online broker quote tool for our upgraded suite of products. 

The new quote engine replaces our previous online intermediaries platform as part of our ongoing commitment to provide state of the art digital tools to both our brokers and members. Our new online quote tool provides instant pricing for all our enhanced WorldCare plans, in all markets and all currencies. It even providers brokers with real time output, including a pre-filled application form, making it simpler and quicker for them to get back to their clients with a quote.

The new tool has been developed to align with our enhanced WorldCare product, and enables brokers to select one of our new in/day annual deductibles, so their clients can easily see how a deductible could help reduce their premium. In addition they can compare pricing for choosing one of our four out-patient risk management tools, including a co-insurance or per visit excess, so they can present their clients with multiple options.

What’s more, the new online quote tool includes our full range of additional ‘add on’ options, such as USA Elective Treatment, our Wellness, Optical and Vaccinations package, and our recently launched Extended Medical Evacuation service.

“As an innovative IPMI provider, we’re continually looking at ways we can better use technology to serve both our members and intermediaries. Our new tool is designed to complement the day to day support our brokers already receive from our Sales Team, and make it easier for them to get a quote in just a few simple clicks”, said Alison Massey, Group Marketing Director.

“Crucially the new tool enables brokers to select the various annual deductibles and other additional options we’ve recently introduced with our enhanced World Care plans, making it easier for them to tailor the plans to their clients’ international health insurance needs”, she added.

If you’re a broker, why not try out our new tool today?