Major upgrade to our WorldCare plans to enhance the customer experience

28 Apr 2017

Now Health International has today launched a significant upgrade to our flagship WorldCare product. Following the most comprehensive product review since we first opened our doors, our enhanced WorldCare international health insurance plans will now offer a simple annual deductible, higher benefit limits and new added value services to enhance the customer experience.

Most significantly, the enhanced WorldCare product will now be based around a new annual deductible structure rather than the previous per medical condition excess model. This will give our customers greater flexibility to tailor their plan to their needs and budget, and mean that members are only required to pay once when seeking in-patient or hospital treatment, rather than every time they seek treatment for a different medical condition. 

Other key enhancements include higher limits on a wide range of benefits to better reflect customer needs. This includes an increase in cover for routine maternity and renal care (including dialysis) for some plans, as well a full refund on diagnostic treatments and the maintenance of chronic conditions. We’re also offering a sharper price point on some WorldCare plans, so customers may be able to access the enhanced product at a more competitive premium.

Finally we’ve announced new partnerships to create three added value services which will be available across all four of Now Health International’s WorldCare plans. The new services are designed to create a more comprehensive package for our members which look out for their overall health and wellbeing. New services include:

  • A second medical opinion service – advice on diagnosis and treatment for complex cases, from specialists in their field
  • Crisis management and information service – alerts on worldwide events and epidemics to help keep our members safer
  • A global concierge service – assistance in finding a medical provider and arranging treatment overseas

The upgraded WorldCare product is available from 1 May 2017.

Chief Commercial Officer Damian Delaney added, “We know our members want more than comprehensive health cover and fast claims payments, and are increasingly looking for a partner to support their overall health and wellbeing. We’ve listened to this feedback and enhanced WorldCare is designed to deliver greater value for our members and better meet their international healthcare needs”.

Interested? Get in touch about upgrading to our new plan!